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Run your small online business stress-free!

Welcome to enlightenly – your go-to shop front platform for selling your products with flexible fees for your business.
Simple setup, smart payments, and your personal touch to win customers.

Picture this – a simple, easy-to-use platform where you only pay for what you use.  Make a sale, pay a small % fee. List up to 3 courses, pay a small subscription fee. And with automated processes to build relationships, you’ll rise with your customers, and have them be your biggest fans!

No building shop websites, or stitching together different messy solutions. 

No sales jargon. 

No pushy pop-ups, uncaring count-downs, or stressful sales funnels.

Whether you’re starting your very first online business, or you’re a pro looking to make your small online business life easier. We have a Shop Kiosk shopfront just waiting for you. 

Tailor it to fit your brand, offer your products they way you want, and give your customers smart payment options that suit the type of business you want to run. 

It’s the end of expensive subscription systems. Talk about stress-free!

enlightenly – where having a small online business is for everybody.

professional and personalised presence, that creates trust-worthy transactions for your small online business.

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have you ever...

clicked a product link on social media and landed on a dodgy-looking sales page? You’re like, “Do I really want to buy from here?”

Guess what? Your customers feel the same!


Don’t let your fantastic products get caught in that mess. After all the time, effort, (and dough!) you’ve put into your products. 

They deserve to shine.

enlightenly makes selling online a breeze and puts your products in the spotlight. 

How? With your very own professional shop kiosk.


Join enlightenly – the only platform built to be wallet-friendly and make your products dazzle!

enlightenly offers an exciting step in the small online business space.

Hey, small business superheroes! Get your fantastic products the sales they deserve with our professional and flexible shopfronts called Shop Kiosk. Shoppers can chillax, browse, and nab the perfect product without a worry in the world.

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We keep things simple. We’re all about you growing your small online business, not complicating it or racking up the costs.


Remember, your customer isn’t just buying your fantastic product. They’re becoming your pal, joining you as you grow your business and offerings on this exciting journey.


With our trusty platform, we help you value and nurture that friendship. So sit back, relax, and let us handle the nitty-gritty for you! We got you cause we understand that your customer isn’t on a path to purchase. They’re forming a relationship with you on their journey.

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Your customers shouldn’t have to wade through endless sponsored posts or resist click-bait tech tricks. They shouldn’t be left dizzy from infinite social media scrolling either.


All they really want is to get to know you and your amazing offerings. To explore, to understand why your product is for them, and, ultimately, to buy. Simple as that.

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We’re all about easy peasy, trusted interactions and sales. We’re not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of platform. Instead, we’re the easiest way for you to make your products pop!



And guess what? With us, your products aren’t just sitting on a virtual shelf. They’re getting the limelight, connecting with your customers, and inspiring them that they’re exactly what they’ve been looking for. It’s time to turn your business ideas into reality.

it's easy to get started

1. Apply in 3 minutes by registering your Shop Kiosk. Use our on-boarding wizard as a guide.

2. Book your free 15 min welcome call. Get your setup questions answered and your Shop Kiosk approved for your opening.

3. Stock your Shop Kiosk with your fantastic products. Use one-click social share for your Shop Kiosk's opening day! Yay for sales!

4. Add Articles to hi-light your products, and share far and wide. Spotlight your Shop Kiosk's brilliance.

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how we compare



Stripe or Paypal

Custom Website



PricingStarter $0 p/mth

Pro USD$20 p/mth
(‘Collections’ feature)
$0 p/mthUSD$1000 setup + $20 p/mthUSD$149 – $399 p/mthUSD$14-45 p/mth
Transaction6% + 30c2.9% + 30c2.9% + 30c2.9% + 30c2.9% + 30c
Branded Custom Product PageYes X YesYes X
Branded shop page Yes XYes Yes Yes 
Linked product articles Yes XYes X
No codeYes  XYes 

Customer Multi-currency

Product downloads / external links on sale Yes XYes Yes 
Appointments YesYes 
Subscriptions/ MembershipsYes


(Stripe customised)

Customised onlyYesX
Resource ‘Collections’
XCustomised only
(eg. BuddyBoss) 
Yes  X
GDPR complianceYes


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turn your audience into your biggest fans!

Sales, always a possibility

With your own branded Shop Kiosk, you're offering customers a friendly yet professional experience. They can help themselves to your products, articles, and links, anytime they want. No opportunities missed, just happy customers!

Connecting with new and old connections

Create a nurturing space for warm connections and openly share what you stand for and how fantastic your products are.
Use Articles to give your products and brand some context - inspire your customers, share your backstory, and show them why your products are relevant. As they get to know you, they'll start to trust you and love your brand. Here's to building strong, genuine relationships.

Customers who feel like pals

As a small online business owner, you're all about prioritising genuine and mindful interactions and wholesome approach to business. Because of this your products and the way you serve your customers really clicks with them. These are the folks who truly appreciate what you do. And we're here to help you keep them smiling and cared for.

Ready to grow as your customer base does

With our 'pay-as-you-sell' pricing we adapt to fit your business needs, wherever you're at on your journey. Start from square one, and build as you flourish.
Only pay for what you use, nothing more. We're all about lightening your load and making your business journey smoother.

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create your best sellers

A home for all your links

All your sales links in one neat place, giving your customers a one-stop shop to connect and transact with you. No need to build a website or manage a team – sounds like a dream, right? With us, it's simply another ideal day in small online business.

Join small business forces

Team up with other warm-hearted small online business owners to boost your business growth through our unique shared missions. Put the spotlight on your best-selling items. Keep track of what really counts. Upgrade your offerings to get the most from the time you've invested in your business. Together, we can do it!

Bend, don't break

Selling Digital items? Physical goods? Or maybe booking appointments? We've got your back. We know different online businesses needs to sell their products in different ways. Our flexible product listing options means that you can build the business model that best suits you and your unique needs. From product bundles to affiliate and catalogue listings, or even items sold on other platforms, we handle it all. We're all for maxiumum flexibility when it comes to small online business.

Payment options galore

More payment choices mean more ways for your customers to support your business. Whether it's gift cards, memberships, donations, pay-what-you-feel options, sale pricing or multi-currency support, we've got you covered. You can set a price point that suits every customer, no matter where they are in the world. Create more opportunities for people to engage with your brand, you, and your fantastic products.

Ready to start your small online business journey with our support?

“To work from such a simple space. The clarity is so much more powerful than trying to give more to more people at once.

I’ve known all along what I wanted to tell people, now I feel I am. It has all happened because it’s been simple. Working this way gets to the core and base of what I have always wanted to say.”

“I find it all really really easy as it’s a familiar backend of other sites that I’m used to. I like the simplicity of the site.

The whole layout and experience is really, really good. I’m going to add more products. I love it.”

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