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Unlock AI, Boost Your Sales and Get Your Life Back

Want to know the smart way to promote your transformational products online and boost your sales? Come and join my upcoming masterclass: “Unlock AI, Boost Your Sales and Get Your Life Back.”

Stop being stuck at your desk trying to come up with content that walks that tricky line between tending to your relationships and asking for the sale. Imagine praying under the covers after posting waiting for payments to ping.

Join this masterclass to discover the 4 time-saving AI tools that I use that can revolutionise your business and sales. With a little bit of setup up-front they then take care of all that for you. Giving you more free time than ever before, while sales flow in.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how-to:

  • Create unique, re-useable and money-making promotional assets
  • Express yourself and your work more clearly
  • Make sales with ease and less effort

So come and find out how-to transform your business  with me in my masterclass “Unlock AI, Boost Your Sales and Get Your Life Back”.




90 mins

Skill Level




Hey empathic entrepreneur!

Imagine how it would feel to have created 30 days of promotional assets with minimal effort, all thanks to AI. You’d get time for yourself while your promotions keep working for you! Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Right now you might be considering outsourcing your social media promotions cause you just can’t stand being on social or sending another newsletter. But you know that can be costly. No worries! With AI, you can DIY it and still achieve impressive results. Trust me, this masterclass will guide you through every step of the process!

I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting this process. Soon, you too will be able to take time off to see family or travel while your work continues to sell. Plus, you’ll be more confident than ever making offers and sales! Expecially now that you won’t even have to think about it.

In the masterclass I’ll b e showing you the how-to when it comes to creating a 30-day AI-made Promotional Plan. Your personalised plan will provide you with a clear, efficient strategy for sharing your message.

Because what I know is that when you feel good about offering and selling, people are more likely to buy. And that’s why I use AI systems to handle the heavy lifting. It allows me to remain unattached to the offering outcome, and open to receiving while I get on with focusing on something else.

You’ll see your message become clearer and reach more people. Come on! Break free from your same casually engaging audience and gain new, loyal clients! This is why working with AI to create promotional assets is a fantastic opportunity. And I show you how to make it easy so you can do it too! Even if you’re not a tech fan.

So, get ready to transform your business with AI for Creating Promotional Assets. Join my masterclass and start experiencing the benefits today! ✨

In the masterclass, I’ll:

  • Show you use case scenarios for powerful content creation
  • Share tested prompts and copy tweaks
  • Teach you how AI can save time, simplify copy, and find effective hashtags
  • Demonstrate how to use Storychief and MissingLttr for automated relationship-tending centred selling
  • Guide you in creating images with Canva using AI
  • This masterclass is perfect if tech overwhelms you or if you’re wanting to get the best results that you know you could be from Chat-GPT.

What’s Included:

  • Recorded masterclass (1hr 15mins)
  • Naming your Why for working with AI for sales and promotional assets
  • Workflow process of working with AI
  • Prompts for Golden Ratio Content Strategy™, promotional plan
  • Template example for Promotional Plan with example content
  • Demo of AI tools

Sales Content Strategy – Optional Upgrade

Upgrade is available through private session “Don’t Niche Me” if you’re wanting a personalised walk through and to create a Sales Content Strategy together.

We’ll use the tools together and with my gifts we’ll look at what offering might work best for your chosen product, what you have already that you can upcycle, and understand deeper insights into the audience that would suit you and where you can find them.

2hrs AUD$530


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