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Articles that Articulate

Leah Kearns (She/Her), Earth Sky Co

An introductory offer ~

Finally know how to talk about what you’ve created.

Understand what wants to be created through you next.

See what you really want to talk about and share with those who’ll love you and your work.

This is the power of Articles that Articulate.

In this masterclass we look at how-to outline a series of five articles that will:

  • identify your key audience
  • make the missing connection between you + what you offer + the practical support that they want from you
  • articulate what your audience can expect with the next step and impact of your work

This is Step 1 of your Golden Ratio Content Strategy™ – a simply joyous strategy™ that supports your business essentials.




55 minutes

Skill Level





I came up with Articles that Articulate because of two key reasons –

Reason 1 – my client zero Mel Ryan.

Mel came to me with the challenge.

As a successful published author and waitlisted practitioner Mel wanted ways to begin to support her clients ‘in the meantime’. That is, while they waited for her one to one services.

She knew her course was an extension of her book. Her course came together through Course Creator but not as she thought it would. She has since gone on to create two further short-courses through the same process and is amazed with the development of her body-of-work. And the results this has created with her clients and those who have taken her short-course.

When it came the the marketing and selling however. There was more to be desired.

Reason 2 – I had so many Creators come to me wanting to create a course but not knowing where to begin.

Most wanted to explore a new area of their work that was coming to them. The work wanted to be formed up into something they could teach. They didn’t want to commit to creating it into a course however as they had no idea whether it would ‘return’ financially.

These two key moments led me back to the drawing board where I thought if I can do it for one, them I can create it for many. Then the metaphorical clouds parted, the angels sang and the epiphany came.

The Golden Ratio Content Strategy™ dropped in.

You see it’s a simply joyous strategy™ that supports your business essentials. 

But first I had to build the infrastructure that could make it possible! Enlightenly was born from this star dust.

And Articles that Articulate is the first step of the Golden Ratio Content Strategy™.

Yep, you’ll finally be able to answer the question… “If you could help even one person with what you’ve learned, who would they be?”

Like me with Mel, with Articles that Articulate you’ll focus in on what I call your client zero.

This client is not your ‘ideal client’. Nor are they your ‘avatar’.

This is the person out there in the other where who is looking for you and your work right this moment but can’t hear you over all the noise.

This work will be best for you if you are actively working with clients, or if you want clarity in what is the next step in your work.

Course Overview

  • identify your key audience
  • make the missing connection between you + what you offer + the practical support that they want from you
  • articulate what your audience can expect with the next step and impact of your work


Photo of Leah Kearns (She/Her)

Leah Kearns (She/Her)

Leah Kearns is a corporate escapee, strategist and futurist turned conscious founder, CEO and investor.

Leaving big business in 2015 due to burnout, Leah decided to branch out on her own and build the change she wished to see in the world.
Drawing on her deep expertise, skill and experience from enterprise business, technology and customer experience she founded WE-Being, a conscious community-based learning platform for creators and their communities.

Six years on Leah went on to found Earth Sky Co - a boutique agency supporting small business entrepreneurs to realise their visions by becoming active investors, beginning with their own businesses.

Leah values compassion, freedom, impact and inclusion, and actively advocates for these in the areas of business, well-being and education.


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