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Awakening to Lightcodes

This 42 Page Ebook has been written to support your personal journey with Lightcodes. It contains Lightcodes to support you to use and work with Lightcodes.




It is not a step-by-step guide to becoming a code keeper. It holds information and codes which serve as keys to unlock the doors to remembering how you work with codes, your natural gifts which shape the code keeper you can be and discovering your unique expression of codes. You get to choose which doors you open now, which doors you save for later along your journey and which doors simply aren’t for you. 

The guidance is based on my own personal journey with Light, specifically with Lightcodes and encourages you to honour your own unique journey with Light as you remember Lightcodes.


– What is the difference between Light Language and Lightcodes?
– What are Lightcodes?
– Where do Lightcodes come from?
– How do you know a Lightcode is for you?
– How do you use Lightcodes?
– Using Lightcodes to deepen your exploration of self

Your Lightcodes

– Remembering your Lightcodes
– Process to remember your Lightcodes
– The Purpose of your codes

Code Keepers

– What is a Code Keeper?
– Code Keeper Roles
– Finding out which Type of Code Keeper you are
– Code Keeper Keys

Responsible Code Keeping

– Serving as a Code Keeper
– Code Keeper – Coding
– Code Keeper – De-Coding
– Code Keeper – Un-Coding
– Code Keeper – Re-Coding

– My interpretation of these words when I am speaking about Lightcodes.

Awakening to Lightcodes Printable Codes


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