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Building Wealth Consciously ~ The Masterclass

Building Wealth Consciously ~ The Masterclass

During this 90 minute free event Marianna and I will be sharing structures and philosophies that serve your money and you.

Our intention is to provide you with an educative introduction for understanding how great structures support you as an investor to maximise your gains and protect your assets.

We’ll be sharing my case study as an example so you can see it in action.

We’ll also mention about wealth with different asset classes.

General Q&A will also be available during the session.

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90 minutes

Skill Level





With the global changes we’ve faced in the last two years, many people are being called to create change.

Change starts with a knowing. Then quickly moves to a vision and a mission.

But what if your personal vision could be amplified by aligning it in a safe structure to go out there an operate in the world.

With an aligned structure you are able to have – 

  • tax efficiency – greater gains and turning losses to gains
  • asset protection – reducing your risk and exposure between 
  • gain the full potential from an asset – know the best way to deal with a financial ‘event’

When you have an aligned structure in place you’re able to just focus on the immediate next action. Bringing you toward possibility, clarity, your truth, and being able to do something about the causes you care most about.

My journey with structure

As a corporate escapee I was engrained in structure (and red tape!). Leaving to pursue my own dreams and a vision of my future where I had choices and a greater sense of freedom, I came to realise the an aligned structure is freedom.

Although I had worked with structure my entire career, it was only when I started working with self-actualising structures, that is strategy in alignment with my bigger picture, that I really began moving rapidly toward what I always knew was my potential.

This is why I love working with strategy as a container for amplifying what I choose to invest in and as a healing force.

My experience with Marianna

I’ve been working with Marianna and her team over the last 18 months to implement our next direction. I can honestly say that where we’re sitting now and what we’re moving into next, is what I’d hoped for last 10 years but didn’t really feel was possible until we began working together. She gets it.

Before that, this kind of information was only really available at the big corporate investment levels I’d worked at. Which left me with a huge blank huh-face trying to figure out about how to apply it to ‘personal’ investment.

Working with Marianna has given me the strong financial foundation I needed to create the change we want to see in the world.

~ Leah


Who is this session for?

At this stage this is most relevant for Australian tax residents. If you’re somewhere else you’re still welcome to come along but may also need a local connection to understand the exact financial structure that would suit you best.

Course Overview

  • Welcome to Country
  • Moment of Orientation
  • Investor Way of Being -
  • tax efficiency - greater gains and turning losses to gains,
  • asset protection - reducing your risk and exposure between investment vehicles/ entities, and
  • gain the full potential from an asset - know the best way to deal with a financial 'event'.
  • Case Study - Leah's Events
  • End Goal Structure
  • Investor Intent Exercise
  • Work with Us Options
  • Question Time


Photo of

Leah Kearns is a corporate escapee, strategist and futurist turned conscious founder, CEO and investor.

Leaving big business in 2015 due to burnout, Leah decided to branch out on her own and build the change she wished to see in the world.
Drawing on her deep expertise, skill and experience from enterprise business, technology and customer experience she founded WE-Being, a conscious community-based learning platform for creators and their communities.

Six years on Leah went on to found Earth Sky Co - a boutique agency supporting small business entrepreneurs to realise their visions by becoming active investors, beginning with their own businesses.

Leah values compassion, freedom, impact and inclusion, and actively advocates for these in the areas of business, well-being and education.


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