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Cryptocurrency for Creators

A 4 week new year mini-class in setting-up your cryptocurrency basics as a Creator.

This is an introductory offer ~

You’re a Creator who is an investor already (in your business), see how that transfers to crypto. We’ll work through what you need to know, where you need to go and how-to do it.

We’ll cover: before, during, how and activate.




4x 30 mins + implementation

Skill Level





As a Creator and an investor Cryptocurrency has been the most important tool I have used for the last 8 years in my personal money-mindset work.

And you don’t even need to invest to start with to benefit from it. I didn’t!

When I started working with cryptocurrency it was like learning a foreign language. But then I found the way to make it easy to understand.

This is what this 4 week mini-class is about.

In this 4 week mini-class I’ll be sharing: 

  1. BEFORE – The key 4 things you need to know about crypto before you start buying.
  2. DURING – How cryptocurrency investment can give you investor capital to go all in with your business.
  3. HOW – The 3 simple proven tools I use to invest, check-in and secure your crypto.
  4. ACTIVATE – What to invest in as core portfolio that will help you as a Creator. And get ready to make your first $10 investment.

30 min to do the doing each week together and I’ll also be answering your questions in a weekly 30 min Q&A, so have them ready!

As a corporate escapee, small business entrepreneur, futurist and tech enthusiast I want to share what drew me to invest in crypto, how I invest in it as a Creator and show you it’s possible even if you have no idea about it.

All you’ll need is a want to be in the room where it’s being talked about. Then you’ll have what you need to know if it’s for you right now or not.

Looking forward to sharing important topic and information with you.




Live mini-course will run from 8 Jan – 30 Jan 2022


  • 4x 20 min videos released each Saturday
  • Weekly 30 min Q&A + 30 min follow-on to do the doing together after questions.

Course Overview

  • Before
  • During
  • How
  • Activate

Additional information


impact, open, confidence


Photo of

Leah Kearns is a corporate escapee, strategist and futurist turned conscious founder, CEO and investor.

Leaving big business in 2015 due to burnout, Leah decided to branch out on her own and build the change she wished to see in the world.
Drawing on her deep expertise, skill and experience from enterprise business, technology and customer experience she founded WE-Being, a conscious community-based learning platform for creators and their communities.

Six years on Leah went on to found Earth Sky Co - a boutique agency supporting small business entrepreneurs to realise their visions by becoming active investors, beginning with their own businesses.

Leah values compassion, freedom, impact and inclusion, and actively advocates for these in the areas of business, well-being and education.


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