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Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager product is a package of services that acts like an extension to your team. It’s a monthly service by Earth Sky Co that supports founders of conscious brands to –

  • increase growth using strategy and stratagems (tactical),
  • measurable growth through digital campaigns, and
  • feel confident your digital strategy is cohesive and working for you as a founder investment.

*Selecting this product allows you to book a chat in with Leah Kearns – Founder of Earth Sky Co to discuss your project needs and to see if we’re a good match for each other. Pricing for this package starts from $2680 inc GST a month. Project price can be provided once requirements are confirmed after this inital call.

After the call you’ll be provided with a basic project scope for our Social Media Manager to take forward with you.

Original price was: A$250.00.Current price is: A$0.00. 60 minutes



Your brand’s needs in the digital marketing space is ever changing. Not to mention the tools, the skills, the algorithms! It’s a full-time job just keeping up with where and the ways your audience wants to be met as a digital community and as individuals.

But as the founder you want to keep your eagle eye view of the landscape you’re leading your brand’s vision and your conscious community through. Not keep dipping down into the to-do details of digital maketing necessities.

You also want to make sure you’re getting the most from your digital maketing assets and investments that you’ve already made and are looking to add to.

The freedom that a knowledgeable and skillful Digital Marketing Manager on your team brings you can’t ever be underestimated. It’s like someone handing you two round the world tickets and a bank account that never empties and says “don’t forget to send us postcards and pics!”.

With the Earth Sky Co Monthly Marketing Manager team extension your brand and all your marketing assets work for you in the conscious commerce space.

Conscious content in the wild west of marketing comes with not just focusing your marketing and relating to your audience and customers through socials.

It’s the whole digital journey.

  • How each touchpoint builds greater trust.
  • The way you create an unique impression of support for your audience
  • that your audience feels connected to you as a founder and your vision with them, while you lift as little fingers as possible.

Our Digital Marketing Manager team extension means you get to have the strategy and expertise of the whole range of owned, earned and paid opportunities there are in marketing.

With the intimate understanding of your brand, and the knowing of which strategies will give you what you want from your marketing efforts. This allows you to connect with your audience where ever they feel most comfortable, find useful in their life and when ever they want to be able to find you and to get involved in what you offer.

Giving you the opportunity to build on the interest you’re attracting and sales you’ve made. And really take your brand and vision to that next phase of growth and evolution.

Package provides – 

  • Digital Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Digital Content Strategy
    • earned, owned, paid
    • content remix plan
  • Choice of tactical project per quarter (scope dependent)
    • Conscious Customer Package
    • Client Care Package
    • Ads Management (doesn’t include platform/ channel ad-spend)
    • Supportive marketing materials – digital product asset creation
    • Advocate program
    • Ambassador program
  • Copywriting
  • Scheduling
  • Graphic Design, Video or Audio Editing (included hrs quoted in quarterly project)
  • Digital Marketing Project Management
  • Regular Meetings

Package inclusions – 

  • Digital Marketing Content Strategy – aligned to your business’ needs and your wants as a founder (set/ revised quarterly in advance)
  • Digital Marketing Content Plan – aligned to your wants for the event or project (set monthly in advance)
  • Digital Marketing Project Plan – tailored to your project ‘go live’ needs
  • Project Report and update – feedback, metrics, recommendations and learnings (fortnightly, can ‘add-on’ +$ for increased frequency)
  • Project debrief – feedback, metrics, recommendations and learnings (at end of project duration)

Based on strategy and tactical objectives per project recommended for the quarter.

The package may include deliverable elements like – 

  • Conscious Customer Journey Mapping
  • Conscious Customer Care Letter Template
  • Conscious Customer welcome sequence
  • Conscious Customer nurture sequence
  • Client Care Letter Template

We recommend this package for – 

  • project based events
  • project based product launch
  • project brand and product campaigns

Package is suited to – 

The clients who will get the most from this package want to be focused on operating, delivering and leading their business to meet what their customers want.

They understand that freedom means feeling you’re more yourself than you ever.

And that when founders support others and give them spaces and experiences in the world with you, you create a sense of non-exclusion, acceptance and healing. This is where massive change can be seeded, nurtured and blooms as you pave a path of possibility together.

Our Digital Marketing Manager package is strategically aligned to your wants as a founder and your business needs as an entrepreneur.

It’s designed to amplify the positive impact that your brand is positioned to have in the world.

It ensures your product is present and easily purchasable at the point of inspiration for your customer.

And that you can spend your time focusing on the vision pieces to move your whole forward and grow, rather than frantically spinning the plates that keep the parts turning over.

It was created so that no matter the stage of your business –

  • establishing your brand and market positioning,
  • being a founder and growing your brand, products and personally,
  • shining a light on your entrepreneurial journey, or
  • as showing up as an investor in others and for your community.

Your time is valuable. Let us support you in bringing your vision to life.

What we anticipate your contributions to be will be covered in the initial consultation meeting with Earth Sky Co Founder Leah Kearns.

Your contibutions will vary greatly depending on what your objectives are for the deliverables of the team extension to your founder vision. 

  • The initial meeting is a pre-on-boarding discussion – 60 min (once off) – Consultation with Earth Sky Co Founder Leah Kearns on what you want as a Founder, what you need for your business to do for you, your brand’s mission and your vision of what you’re creating and how you see digital marketing supporting you in this.
  • There will also be the Shadow Walk™️ service (as needed by you) via private voice note (Voxer) with Leah Kearns as personal growth,  and founder emotional intelligence, mindset and applied mindfullness mentoring (average is <45 mins a month). This means you'll be able to hold the business growth and larger vision you're creating.

Additional Info – 

  • Allows for 1 project a quarter – earned, owned, paid. It is recommended to build up projects over a minimum of 12 months for recommended results.
  • All strategies are specific to your wants and business requirements. Because of this time to join the agency may take between 2-4 weeks.
  • For the first 2 months all content will be approved 4 weeks in advance by you.
  • After the first project we will understand more of a flow and begin to confirm which specific content is meeting your wants.
  • Additional advertising spend may be recommended for content we feel would assist you to meet your objectives and outlined in the content strategy.
  • We recommend combining this with the ‘Monthly Social Media Manager
  • We prefer to work for the project duration but can otherwise be engaged under a minimum service agreement commitment of 6 months.
  • If the project has a specific ‘go live’ date, we recommend us being on the team with a minimum of 10 weeks before ‘go live’ date, and retained 2 weeks post event to ensure all learnings are complete and forward plan is in place for you.


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