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Don’t Niche Me

As an online business owner having a niche market has been touted as the key ingredient for success.

But niching just doesn’t feel right for you. You feel that limiting yourself to a specific niche also limits your potential for growth and profitability in some way.

In this session we’ll explore what you’re really wishing for. As well as how broadening your target audience and maximizing your sales potential could work for you without sacrificing your unique market value position.

You’ll take a giant leap towards:

  • knowing your innate skills, strengths, and value that you can offer to a new-to-you audience,
  • identifying and engaging with a wider range of your highest potential customers,
  • increasing your clarity and gain visibility, and
  • building deep client relationships.

With the insights and strategies from this session you’ll have a clear understanding of how to expand your reach, grow your business, and ultimately, get the sale with flexible niching and your personalised AI strategy. Let’s jump in!

A$530.00 60 minutes



Skill Level



Hey Empathic Entreprener!

Niching feels like a hard pass to you because you know your work grows and evolves as quickly as you do.

What’s the answer then? Flexible niching and using AI to iterate and grow your business, so you can maximize your sales potential without sacrificing your unique market value position..

Did you know that ‘niche’ was originally an ecological concept.

A niche is a biological survival strategy so that different species don’t have to compete for resources. Talk about secret reveleaved! This is where your ‘yuck‘ reaction to niching comes from then hey!

‘Don’t Niche Me’ will revolutionize the way you approach your business. This is not your typical “niche down” advice. I believe in flexible niching. Flexible niching means that you don’t have to be boxed in by a rigid niche that may no longer reflect the evolution of your work and skills.

I get that niching isn’t for you! You’re unique!

You want a tailored approach to marketing and business growth that truly feels like you. I mean what you offer is a unique blend of your lived experience right.

Yes, you want to grow your business, reach a wider audience, and develop a product that truly fulfills your and your client’s potential. But you don’t want to feel limited by traditional niched strategies. ‘Don’t Niche Me’ is the support you’ve been looking for.

This session is for you to – 

  • gain valuable insights into your innate skills, strengths, and value that you can offer to a new-to-you audience,
  • learn how to identify and engage with a wider range of potential customers,
  • know the way forward to increase your clarity and visibility with your work, and
  • begin the shift to be able to step towards building deep and valued relationships with new clients that pay you well for your work.

With the power of a tailored AI strategy and from what we uncover for you in this session you can say goodbye to feeling limited by traditional niching strategies, and hello to the power of flexible niching with your Don’t Niche Me session.

This session utilises – 

  • my extensive lived experience to provide you with a tailored approach that utilizes our tried and tested client experiences,
  • my and your intuitive guideance,
  • my years of career as a corporate consultant in customer service, technology, product design and new revenue steams,
  • my Relational Healing™ philosophy and methodology, and
  • AI as a business assistance tool to evidence our findings in –
    • what offering might work best for your skills and strengths,
    • assisting to identify using keywords and appropriate hashtags in what you have already that you can upcycle, 
    • understanding deeper insights into the audience that would suit you.
  • My deep understanding of AI for business operations and providing solopreneurs and small teams equitable access to emerging technologies.

From this session you’ll get:

  • live consulting call with Leah Kearns for 90 mins,
  • 30 mins assessment time to review your pre-work submissions,
  • useful enquiry that will give you ahas about a different approach that has been sitting waiting for you for a while,
  • a tailored and clear next step that feels empowering to take,
  • renewed confidence to take it,
  • session notes transcribed from what we spoke about.
  • 7 days post session voice messaging access with Leah for Q&A.

What happens after you book:

  • After you pay, I will be notified of your booking, and I will come back to you to confirm your session time.
  • You’ll be provided with a meeting link on a calendar invite and pre-work to submit a minimum of 48 business hours before your session.

Here’s to you gaining clarity and a plan with your new direction!


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