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Easy AI for Online Business Sales

As an online business owner you want your marketing and sales efforts to be more efficient and effective.

You’re tired of or overwhelmed with marketing. But you also know people need to hear about you and your work to work with you. And that marketingalways unlocks the next phase of your growth.

In this masterclass I want to introduce you to Chat-GPT, and the AI tools that are changing the game for entrepreneurs like us.

With these tools, you can:

  • streamline your work
  • express your self and your work more clearly, and
  • make sales with ease.

Come give it a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much this masterclass can help your business grow.




Skill Level



Entrepreneur and online business owner friends if you’re not already using AI and don’t understand where the use case is going. It’s ok.

But if you’re curious and you’d like to know, come along and understand what Artificial Intelligence is and look at how I use a product called Chat-GPT.

You get the benefit of my hours (days) of chatting with AI to understand the ways it likes best to communicate. So that you get what you want from it, rather than getting frustrated and giving up. (I certainly had those moments with it to get to the point where I am!).

In the masterclass I’ll:

  • demo it for you based on content, topics or questions you have
  • provide use case scenarios to unlock deeper layers of understanding for yourself
  • give you prompts I’ve tried and tested
  • show you how to tweak t so that what it produces is yours
  • show you have it can
    • save time
    • simplify copy
    • get you hastags that work for your topics to expand your audience
  • show you another tool that will save you time and effort – especially for content creation and publishing on a growing all-in-one sales platform
  • offer a healing experience (somatic strategy) to help you restore your power when it comes to using tech
    • This one is especially great if you feel tech is overwhelming, or if you feel like you’re sabotaging yourself when it comes to making tech work for you.


  • masterclass recording in chapters so you can skip ahead  (1hr 45mins)
  • logic framework for AI prompt engineering
  • sales support process worksheet
  • demonstration with AI tools
  • Business Healing™ experience with Relational Healing™ and the Shadow Walk™
  • Q&A

Upgrade Option:

Upgrade available for a private session if you’re in transition in your business.

We’ll use the tool together and with my gifts we’ll look at what offering might work best for your skills, what you have already that you can upcycle, and understand deeper insights into the audience that would suit you and what AI can do specifically for your unique business. Come away with a plan, ready started in action.

2hrs AUD$530


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