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Idea to Ideal Sale in 4 hours or less

Leah Kearns (She/Her), Earth Sky Co

You’re a creator who wants to offer healing products or work to the world with your home-based business.

But where do you even start with building your business from scratch.

And you need to fit in learning about it and actually doing it in between other things as you work, study or transition from another business or brand you’ve created.

Idea to Ideal Sale in 4 hours or less, walks you through step-by-step with all you need to get going to build a new business.




4 hours or less

Skill Level





The Situation

You have this brilliant new life you dream of for yourself. But you’re stuck with how to make it a reality when you don’t have the funds to start the business that matches your vision.

You also feel like you wouldn’t even know where to begin if you had money to make your business product or service idea happen.

‘Idea to Ideal Sale in 4 hours or less’ is perfect for you if you want to take clear steps to make your business a reality, but don’t have a huge amount of time to build all the bits businesses need to be successful.

It offers you the Gentle Business™️ way to be mindful as you create a business hub that will house all your business basics and let your clients serve themselves.

Giving you an easy plan to click and do to  focus your vision and activate income.

Helping you to build your business and communicate the value of what you offer in a way that feels great for you and your future clients.

What happens in this experience

15 MINS – Sort through your initial ideas, or come up with some if you don’t know what you want to sell.

15 MINS – Take the quiz to see what kind of business is ideal for you.

15 MINS – Review your recommended product type from the quiz and review the best ways to create it, including a plan of the most common ones.

15 MINS – Submit your answers to see who your initial audience that you’ll be marketing to is.

15 MINS – Register your Shop Kiosk.

60 MINS – Post an Article that supports the objective of your Product.

60 MINS – List your Product in your Shop Kiosk.

15 MINS – Share and celebrate your new business.

Ideal Sale underway!

This is a flexible learning and implmentation short-course. I know as a home-based business that life happens and you’re also trying to juggle a few other things you have on the go.

I just love bite-sized business building.

This short-course means you can do it all in one sitting in less than 4 hours. Or do a little bit every day and go from Idea to Ideal Sale happening in 8 days or less!

You’ll finally feel confident that you’re on your way to your ultimate of –

  • feeling that you’re creating work-life balance,
  • that you’re building ways for income to come to you rather than working hard for it,
  • staying on track to finally get your business dream happening.

When you’re complete, this process can easily be repeated and you can fill your Shop Kiosk with other amazing and complementary products too!

With one click you’ll be able to promote your product while you create your next one.

You’ll also feel empowered as low-tech options designed for people with few tech skills are suggested.

No building a website. No high startup costs. No more feeling lost about where to start.

Have the right tools, knowledge, and a business consultant in your back pocket to ask questions to as you work through the learning and action materials.

About the experience process – 

The Gentle Business way is an experiential process I developed from being a sensitive person who believes in honouring your multi-dimensionality in business and life, and accessing it through your own wisdom. Even if you feel you know nothing about business.

As a home-based business creator your business works for you around the needs and wants of your lifestyle. I want that for you.

This process that this short-course follows was born out of my want to be the one who gets to say “wow, that was easy”.

It’s come from simplifying my business and my need to not sit at a desk, or only trade my time for money.

This process weaves together 2 of my mastery facilitated offerings – the Gentle Business way™️ and Shadow Walk Healing™️.

This is truely a unique approach to what’s now possible in healing and joyful living for you as the participant, your business, and your life.

And develops you in your multi-dimensionality in becoming their own healer, an entrepreneur, a founder and an investor.

Without sacrafice of what you need to fulfil at home.

You get to decide how you want your life to be and the way your business fits into that.

It’s about time you get to say “wow, that was easy” too.


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