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Online Store Setup for Spontaneity and Sales

The Online Store Setup for Spontaneity and Sales is a 4 part self-paced mini-course.

Step through creating your online store and professional business presence using the enlightenly platform.

Ensuring your get your 4 business essentials in place for selling online : Store, Share, Sell and Rest.




4x 15 mins + implementation

Skill Level





Your business essentials sorted…

This mini-course is 4 videos totalling 60 mins. We’ll cover – 

  • Registering and customising your shop kiosk
  • Adding an article that hi-lites why your product is the answer for your customer
  • One click tips for sharing and promoting your work using content directly from your product

On Offer…

This mini-course is for online business entrepreneurs like yourself. Here’s three things I already know about you and where you’re at right now:

  1. You’re aware and care about others and the world.
  2. You’re here to transform yourself, the way you work in your business and how your work is shared in the world.
  3. And you’re ready for your product to go far and wide, and for that your work needs greater reach!


You’ve got low-tech skills; and either

a) this is all new to you and you’re just looking to try and sell a product you had an idea for; OR

b) you’ve built it alllll before but now only want to focus on building your impact.

Did I get where you’re at?! This is what I’m here for.

The Four Business Essentials

These four online business essentials were born from my direct experience as a combination of researching, observing, mentoring and experimenting. And you’re not alone. With nearly 51% of small business owners selling using social media, who are all battling it out daily with Facebook algorithms for product attention.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to divert your time, money and energy to areas of business that aren’t product delivery and customer happiness. It gets to be easy!

This comes down to 3 steps…

Step 1 – Build your essentials.

Step 2 – Focus on building your impact using those same essentials.

Step 3 – Keep cycling like a leisurely Sunday afternoon bike ride along the lakeside and you’ll get to where you want to go. One peddle at a time.

The ‘Essentials’:

  1. Store Setup – create your shop and implement the simply joyous online business model.
  2. Article Sharing – use our two-moves structure to find your flexibility, freedom and flow for greater spontaneity.
  3. Sell – check-in and see what’s working, focus on one thing at a time to increase your sales.
  4. Enjoy – simple ways to stick with a course of action (and activation), and sit with it while you see what happens.

That’s it!

This course is designed to be implemented as you go using the enlightenly platform.

If you feel it’s for you, go ahead and add this product to your basket.

My team and I at Earth Sky Co would love to assist you and welcome your own branded shop kiosk to the enlightenly platform.

Mini-Course Format:

4x videos totalling 60 mins all up

Written materials on each of the essentials

Non-sleep deep rest resource – Yoga Nidra

Chat Support with our Team

Want to know more about the enlightenly platform?

Enlightenly was built with sharing in mind. It’s a shared space as a marketplace but it offers dedicated sales support hub that’s professionally branded with your brand for your clients.

This means it’s offered as pay-as-you-go. Yay, no monthly on-going fees!

The key feature is that it’s one click customisable to present your work and brand with a professional looking online presence.

So you can spend more time serving and selling and less time building and managing tech.

It can also help you diversify your products, services and packages to create just the right product that will be your best seller.

Click here to find out about the platform as we take a weight off your shoulders and understand what the platform fee structure and amounts are.

Why enlightenly came about –

In my almost seven years of being in online business I have pretty much road tested every way of marketing and selling that there is. Every coach has what worked for them and so does every one who has sold a product and now they too have become business coaches.

What I know is that most of them teach solidly about creating growth.

However growth without the technology in place to support you leaves you run ragged, on the brink of burn-out and with relationship bust-ups.

And growth with mis-aligned technology in place leaves you working to afford to pay a team of tech-savvy consultants to develop, build, maintain it for you. And within two months it’s outdated and you have no idea how to change your latest brand picture, list your latest product, or worse it breaks and you can’t afford to fix it!

I didn’t want creators wasting their time dealing with these same problems.

I want them to be sharing more of their work with the world and doing what they came here for!

Impact and ease.

You get to be the one that says “wow, that was easy”.

Course Overview

  • Store, Share, Sell, Rest


Photo of

Leah Kearns is a corporate escapee, strategist and futurist turned conscious founder, CEO and investor.

Leaving big business in 2015 due to burnout, Leah decided to branch out on her own and build the change she wished to see in the world.
Drawing on her deep expertise, skill and experience from enterprise business, technology and customer experience she founded WE-Being, a conscious community-based learning platform for creators and their communities.

Six years on Leah went on to found Earth Sky Co - a boutique agency supporting small business entrepreneurs to realise their visions by becoming active investors, beginning with their own businesses.

Leah values compassion, freedom, impact and inclusion, and actively advocates for these in the areas of business, well-being and education.


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