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From Social Posts to Content Strategy

As a creator or healer with a home-based business you want to share your message.

But what exactly is your message and what do you talk about with it so that people buy from you?

The usual process of Content Strategy is so hard though to start staring at a blank page right…

From Social Posts to Content Strategy means you look at what you have shared, what you like and answer a few of questions from me and you’ve got your plan!




Skill Level



The Situation

You use social to sell, but it’s also where you connect with your family, friends, friends who are clients and potential clients. It can get tricky offering content that connects, intrigues and inspires people to buy; without it feeling icky when it’s landing in front of people you know won’t.

This is the daily tango of a creator sharing content on social media, deepening relationships, creating opportunities with your connections for referal, and trusted transactions for income.

‘From Social Posts to Content Strategy’ gives you the Gentle Business™️ way to be socially conscious with your social commerce posts.

It will be an easy plan to translate posts that create connection, bring opportunities, and activate income.

Helping you to build a sense of belonging, affinity and communicate the value of what you offer in a way that feels great for both of you in the relationship.

What happens in this experience

  1. You get a blank content strategy template.
  2. We do-it-together over Voxer messenger.
  3. I ask you questions, I reflect on where you are, where you want to be and what you have that will take you there.
  4. We voice message back and forth til you have your content strategy template boxes filled in.

Content Strategy complete!

Even if we tic-tac back and forth for half a day exchanging voice messages, all in it will usually be complete in less than 45 mins total time.

Then you can put your strategy into action and get on with sharing your gifts, caring for your clients and offering gems that move your audience to become advocates.

All in a way that it just flows. You can breath a sigh of relief.

It will make content creation a process of enjoyment and creativity. Right up your alley as a creator hey!

Content creation finally makes sense!

The content you’ll go on to create will evoke a spirit of curiosity and interest from who you’re sharing with. That paves the golden path to receive without attachment or expectation.

No more watching for likes and batteling with feelings of disappointment or rejection.

Just pure creation vibes where you’re the one who gets to say “wow that was easy”.

No content that you like that you’ve put on social? No worries.

Just complete the questionnaire in the onboarding process and we’ll go from there.

About the experience process – 

The Gentle Business way is an experiential process I developed from being a sensitive person who believes in honouring your multi-dimensionality in business and life, and accessing it through your body’s wisdom.

As a home-based business creator your business works for you around the needs and wants of your lifestyle. I want that for you.

It was born out of my want to be the one who gets to say “wow, that was easy”.

It’s come from simplifying my business and my need to not sit at a desk, or only trade my time for money.

This process weaves together 2 of my mastery facilitated offerings – the Gentle Business way™️ and Shadow Walk Healing™️.

This is truely a unique approach to what’s now possible in healing and joyful living for the participant, their business, their life.

And develops them in their multi-dimensionality for becoming their own healer, an entrepreneur, a founder and an investor.

Without sacrafice of what they need to fulfil at home.

You get to decide how you want your life to be and the way your business fits into that.

It’s about time you get to say “wow, that was easy” too.


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