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UnEarth Yourself

UnEarth Yourself    With Mel             

A workshop for over givers who prioritize others over themselves.

Over givers blend in as everyday people trying to survive life. They will quietly be feeling unloved, overworked, exhausted, lost, unappreciated, undervalued, sacrificed, anxious, and stressed.

They also know there is more to life, they’re just not sure how to find it.

Join “UnEarth Yourself with Mel” – A Full day workshop. Where the current way of life will be unpacked. It will challenge the way you have been taught to think. Giving you an unique insight and clarity to help you view your life from an UnEarthed perspective. Freeing you to question and think with newfound empowerment, self-support and self-love.

Reconnect with the spark you were born with.


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UnEarth Yourself          A Full day in-person workshop with Mel Ryan

Date: Saturday 18th November             Time: 9.30 am check-in            Start 10.00 am – Finish 4.00 pm          Location: Berwick Senior Citizens Centre

Limited Seats Available Book your spot now for a life-changing experience.

UnEarth Yourself

Is perfect for over givers who care more about everyone else than themselves. 

They may present as Mum’s, Dad’s, best friend’s, young adults, Grandparents, Grandkids, people not in or in relationships, the person next door, or even the person you just bought your groceries from. 

Over givers currently will be feeling unloved, exhausted, overworked, lost, unappreciated, undervalued, sacrificed, anxious, and stressed.

Over givers say yes to everyone else before themselves.

Over givers always make time for others just in case their help is needed.

They are normally too busy to be able to attend workshops because they are overly responsible. They are worrying about taking everyone to appointments, attending sporting activities, and organising social activities, gifts, gatherings, finances, and home maintenance.

Over givers don’t treat themselves the same as those they over-give to, and although they give great advice they struggle to listen to it for themselves. They struggle to receive and often feel they haven’t done enough.

Deep down they know they feel taken advantage of, leaving them disconnected and lost. Over givers know there is more to life, a better way. They also know they have the solution for themselves somewhere. Yet maybe on some level they have given up and resided themselves to ‘this is just life’, because they have never been shown another way that truly resonated.

These over givers are the ones that are ready. Ready to Understand their stories. Ready to get their power back.

UnEarth Yourself with Mel is a Full day workshop, where the current way of life will be unpacked. It will challenge the way you have been taught to think; Giving you a unique insight and clarity to help you view your life from an unEarthed perspective. Freeing you to safely question and think with newfound empowerment, self-support and self-love.

If you want to Live the way your Soul wants.              Then Come Hang out with Me

Mel Ryan

Author of Soul Talk Earth Walk and Amazon Bestseller Six Happiness Myths

P.S. If you were given this from your over-giver friend then make them come with you.

Workshop Highlights:

Imagine the time it takes to make your way through years of therapy or self-help books. The thing with over givers is that they don’t have time, especially time to give themselves.

That’s why UnEarth Yourself is different. In just one day we are going to unpack many secrets to understanding life and the role we play in our life.

·    We are going to explore fake happiness and real happiness. We spend our lives trying to find happiness, yet the happiness we have been chasing that has been set up by society is making us powerless.

·    We are going to learn how to unpack concepts. Unpacking, not just surface answers, not what is consensus but the truth, your truth.

·    We are going to discuss life. And pull apart the things coming up for you right now that you don’t have solutions for.

This workshop is designed for you to find the answers for yourself and the freedom to explore exactly what that means for you.

The takeaway is for you to

·       Never feel taken advantage of again

·       Become one of the people in your life that you care about

·       Know how to give yourself permission to do that

·       To love your life

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is for anyone curious about finding deeper answers in life and learning how to listen, understand, and love themselves. It’s specifically designed for Over givers. Over givers represent:

The Carer
If you constantly put others’ needs before your own, feeling overwhelmed and undervalued, this workshop will show you a way to include yourself in the people you care for.

The Truth Seeker
If you seek a deeper understanding of life and your purpose, this workshop will guide you in exploring profound insights and transformative perspectives.

The Empowerer
If you’re dedicated to empowering others and wish to strengthen your coaching skills, this workshop will offer valuable tools and techniques for personal and professional growth.

The Thinker 
If you love diving into the depths of human consciousness and are eager to explore new ways of being, this workshop will ignite your introspective journey. 

What is Unpacking with Mel:

Unpacking is the term I use to describe the way I work. It helps get to the bottom of things, or as I like to put it, the truth – our real truth – about a situation.

The tool I use to unpack things is the question “Why?”

I ask why it affects us, where did it come from, why do we keep it, and how we can support ourselves differently moving forward.

This process looks a little like this:

First, we discuss the situation – what it currently looks like and how it affects us in our life.

Next we recognize the depth to which we are stuck.

Then, we ask how and why did this happen?

We take a step behind the scenes and look at history, patterns, belief systems, and rules – where they come from and why they are there.

Most importantly, we look a little deeper at why we keep them. What is it that we need, or are looking for, that makes us stay unconsciously stuck? We explore the very core of our truth behind this.

This is the key to the magic of moving forward differently.

Here, we sit in a place where it’s just you, with the freedom to listen to your truth about how you really feel, why you react, the truth about why you are stuck, and what you thought you needed from others, to what you really need from yourself.

From this place, an understanding is born – an understanding of you and what you are working on.

From here, things begin to make sense. We become free.

This is where we move forward, with a greater understanding of ourselves and a fresh perspective on the situation.

Mel Ryan 
Over 20 years of empowering people to Understand their stories Mel is finally heading to live workshops. Mel has an incredibly unique way of working with individuals. By asking thought-provoking questions, Mel challenges the way we have been taught to think, allowing each individual to question and find a new perspective on life in a safe and comforting way. Mel is a life-changer, offering clarity, insight, and guidance to help us understand our own stories, lives’ and how to love ourselves.

Testimonials from people that have Unpacked their stories with Mel

Mel Ryan is inspirational in helping people be their best selves and live their best lives. Mel delivers her insights in a simple and clear way.  And then backs this up with thought-provoking questioning.  I have had the pleasure of being a client of Mel’s for many years.  During that time, I have had such incredible personal growth and would not be the confident, curious person I am today without having had access to her wisdom, simple lessons, and unique personable approach. 
I am so excited that Mel is now able to empower more people through her live workshop. It’s about time


Who knew learning from Mel could have such a powerful impact. I think I am still in shock. The simplicity in which Mel explains things really brings your attention back to you, your life and how you can make it so much better. It’s the most life-changing experience I have ever had.


The journey over the last 18 months with Mel, learning to better understand why I am here and be truly happy and love myself has been an amazing experience. It is a work in progress and working through Mel’s guidance has really escalated and solidified so much of the learning.Taking the time to listen to yourself, work through your emotional reactions to situations, question what you do and identify what you are here to learn, helps to bring an inner peace each day. Thank you, Mel, once again you have given me tools to work through life, stay in the moment and enjoy the peace instead of the anxiety I started with 18 months ago.


” Alone does not mean you are lonely “ The phrase that has stuck with me as the most beautiful thing Mel has taught me. To know you are alone is not
a scary thing instead it has brought me a sense of empowerment. Mel, challenged me on some beliefs and norms I had in a safe and comforting way. It has made me honestly and openly question a lot of my actions or lack of actions in my life and to truly be honest with myself. This workshop will be very powerful to those who are ready to be open and honest with themselves and to those that are always. wondering why? 


Mel has given me a different way to look at my life experiences and most importantly a new way of reviewing them. I highly recommend Mel she is a life changer. Thank you beautiful lady.


To get guidance on the “whys” in my life, I just needed to spend some time with Mel. Suddenly my choice of partner, career and hobbies make so much sense, and I can see a way forward to living my best life. Mel Ryan has such a beautiful way of seeing the world.


Where to Now:

Carers, truth seekers, empowerers, and thinkers who know there is more to life but are disillusioned and time-poor. If you feel stuck in a way of life that is overwhelmingly hard to shift. And at times over give to the point there is nothing left for you. If you have more questions than answers, drowning in expectations and responsibilities that leave you exhausted, and overworked. And the lack of appreciation leaves you feeling unloved and unappreciated.

I see you.

I’ve got you.

Just one day.

Come Hang out with me

Mel xx

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the workshop’s deep insights, it is recommended for individuals open to introspective and transformative experiences. Please note that the information provided in this workshop is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We encourage you to always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding your Health and Well-being.


Are we ever ready to Move out?

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