The marketplace and centralised business platform, with no monthly on-going fees.

Enlightenly is a flexible business and sales platform that consolidates your business essentials when you use our Shop Space with Smarts™.

Making it easy to serve your customers. Providing them with options to browse your inspirational ideas, step through your offerings, and buy your physical or digital products.

Being a Shop Keeper with us offers simply joyous online business for you.

Reach new horizons with your business. Introducing our simply joyous business growth tools and automated sales system.

At Enlightenly we focus on what’s important for growing a business without increasing costs. 

Your customer isn’t on a path to purchase. They are forming a relationship with you on their transformation journey. It’s our pleasure to take care of them for you using our thoughtful processes. Giving you a break from having to manage all the pieces.

It’s not set and forget. It’s exactly what simply joyous business is!

Setup shop, share, sell and take time to rest.

Always a Sales Possibility

Your own branded Shop offers your customers a professional but personal touch as they help themselves.
No missed opportunities. Your Products, Articles and links all at their fingertips right when they want them most.

Relationship Marketing

Nurturing paths to openly share your values and your product's greatness.
Provide product and brand context with Articles for inspiration, back story, context and relevance to your customers as they get to know and trust you.

Connected Customers

Being a values-led, impact-driven, or conscious business owner is serving your customers in a way that means something to them.
These are the people who value your work the most. And we help you take care of them.

Built for Growth

Percentage-based Pricing tiers that meet your business needs and focus.
Begin where you are now.
Build more as you grow.
Never pay for more than you need.
This is simply joyous online business.

Putting your business and customers first, while you offer and sell simply joyously.

Take a quick look at the Enlightenly Marketplace and Business-base platform

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What else can Enlightenly
do for you?

“To work from such a simple space. The clarity is so much more powerful than trying to give more to more people at once.

I’ve known all along what I wanted to tell people, now I feel I am. It has all happened because it’s been simple. Working this way gets to the core and base of what I have always wanted to say.”

“I find it all really really easy as it’s a familiar backend of other sites that I’m used to. I like the simplicity of the site.

The whole layout and experience is really, really good. I’m going to add more products. I love it.”


Refer a friend

We value reciprocity and believe sharing is caring.

As part of our beta testing period we’re offering a bi-weekly rewards pool as a thank you to friends who refer us on to their friends.

Interested to join our beta launch sharing team? Click the button to share special $1 mini-course “The Online Store Setup for Spontaneity and Sales”, so your friend can be taken care of by us.

Why not buddy-up and both join the mini-course. Let’s make your Store Keeper debut happen together!

Our Percentage Pricing Model


Ideal for Starting-up Stores
5% + 30c Per Transaction
  • Own Branded Shop
  • Publish and Share Articles
  • Unlimited Product Listings
  • Purchaser Post-Sale Follow-up
  • Downloadables Hosting (pdf, audio)
  • Basic Shop Analytics
  • Account Chat Support
  • Automated Affiliate and Referral Management
  • Practitioner Session Bookings
  • Join us have your say about what we deliver next!


Ideal for Springing-up Stores
11% +30c Per Transaction
  • All of Seed +
  • Account Manager Support
  • Monthly Metrics Recommendation Report
  • Five Hosted Sales Pages (per Shop)
  • Customer Payment Options (coming soon)
  • More to be announced soon!
  • Join our Spring Waitlist have your say about what we deliver next!

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