Enlightenly is a marketplace that changes the world together

As a social enterprise, Enlightenly is a platform for simply joyous living.

Nurturing creates trust. Discernment brings rewards. And that being present creates impact.

Being present we connect people, planet and redistribution of portioned profit to projects and products that align with our purchaser’s values.

We know this is what creates impact.


Why is Enlightenly different?

Enlightenly is the one marketplace and centralised business platform that provides small business entrepreneurs with shop space with smarts.

We offer values and inclusion-based sales and transaction systems, advocate for relationship and trauma aware marketing, and provide integrated tools to cover your business essentials – all with no ongoing monthly fees.

Enlightenly is simply joyous online business.


We take a conscious approach to sales and marketing

  • A single place to go to find conscious service providers and practitioners, and conscious and sustainable products
  • A more conscious approach to selling – you’ll see no pop-ups, pushy selling approaches or spam from us and we encourage our vendors to do the same.
  • We enable our Shop Keepers to sell their products without having to set up a complex website or yet another app to manage. Your Store consolidate all your links, product storage, sales materials, and marketing assets all in one handy location – this is why it’s a Shop Space with Smarts!
  • Easily combine sales of courses and products to create unique and holistic experiences for your clients


Choosing to align your selling, purchasing or browsing offerings this way creates time to ‘be more present’ for all our Members, Customers and Shop Keepers at Enlightenly.

In fact, we believe that the experience our platform offers our guests is to then create an impact in their life to have the opportunity to ‘be more present’ simply, joyously.

Effectively creating greater change and impact together than they would by themselves. No matter their heart-felt cause.


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