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Easy AI Introduction Guidebook

Leah Kearns (She/Her), Earth Sky Co

As an empathic entrepreneur you’d love an easy introduction to understand AI. You also feel your sales could do with a boost.¬†

This guidebook introduces you the 6 AI tools including Chat-GPT that are changing the game for entrepreneurs like us.

The guidebook will take you through:

  • understanding the power of AI to boost your sales,
  • offering you a clear and easy definition of AI, and
  • provides you with unique and exciting ways to use AI to your advantage, before the rest of the market does!

So why wait? Buy the guidebook today and discover how to make AI work for you as an empathic entrepreneur to boost your sales, and take your business to new heights!




20 mins

Skill Level




This is the introductory guidebook for Empathic Entrepreneurs looking to boost their sales using AI tools. In just 20 minutes this guidebook provides valuable insights and practical strategies for leveraging AI to streamline your sales process, offers tools to work smarter, and anticipate your customer needs.

The guidebook is designed to offer an unique insight about focusing your AI tools to help you hone your empathetic approach to sales, build stronger relationships with your customers and foster long-term loyalty.

You’ll be introduced to 6 AI tools that can help you optimize your sales strategies, gain a competitive edge in your industry and stand out from the crowd. With the tools shared you’ll be able to achieve business growth and success from improving your sales processes to increase your revenue and profit. Plus, the guidebook is easy to read and implement, so you can start seeing results in just 20 minutes.

So if you’re an Empathic Entrepreneur looking to improve your sales processes and achieve long-term success, this guidebook is the perfect AI introductory resource for you.

Get your copy today and start boosting your sales with AI tools.

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Embracing Change with the Assistance of Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Change with the Assistance of Artificial Intelligence cover

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