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Facing Change Introductory Session

Facing Change Introductory Session – Approach your change with fresh eyes and compassion in a 60-minute supportive facilitated session.

  • Feel heard in how what you experienced and how it feels for you
  • Identify how this is impacting your world
  • Come to a place of resolution with what happened
  • Create completion of the experience with a next action that feels good for you
  • Receive a comprehensive session transcript with key points

Use the session time to check-in about the change you’re facing or want to face, clear your head and heart about your change, and ask the questions on your heart and have access to the answers that matter for your change.

Original price was: A$255.00.Current price is: A$173.00. 60 minutes



Support Session for Change

Have you been through something big? Are you unsure of the next step? Are you in the midst of a significant transition?

Life can be tough, right? Sometimes, things happen that make us feel isolated, alone, or confused inside.

If that’s how you’re feeling, this session time is just for you.

Let’s talk in a “Facing Change” Introductory Session. Think of it as a supportive and restorative process where, for 60 minutes, you and I will create a form of completion with what you’ve experienced using the Relational Processing Method™️ (RPM).

RPM helps your heart, your mind and you as a whole feel better about things you’ve faced.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Share and Listen: Tell me about what’s been going on. I’m here to listen.
  • Find What’s True for You: We’ll figure out what feels right and important to you.
  • Reach a Happy Place: We’ll help your heart find peace and strength from past challenges.
  • Remember Our Chat: You’ll get a note with the main things we talked about and some steps to help you move forward.
  • Ask and Learn: Got questions? This is the time to ask. We’ll find the answer where your heart feel light.

If you’re an empathetic mum at home, a dedicated small business owner, or anyone wanting to feel more at ease within themselves, this session is for you.

It’s a time to help you feel good about where you are now, even though some parts have been aweful.

This is an introductory session at a reduced rate as a first-time client for this type of session. Only the rate has reduced, not the quality of service.

This is to thank you for trusting me with your next step, healing and choosing me to facilitate this transformative opportunity with you.

Through my own journey I can appreicate what it is to take this step with a trusted guide. And it’s my absolute honour, so thank you 🙏

After you book, you’ll get a note with all the details for your session. And if you think of any questions or feelings before we talk, that’s great! They’ll help guide what we focus on, so jot down some notes.

I invite you to come with an open heart and together, we’ll find explore the completion you’re looking for.

Ready to chat? Book now, and let’s connect soon. 🌟


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