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Free Access Ticket

Are you a startup VA struggling to find clients? We understand your pain and have designed the perfect event just for you!

Join us for VA Week, where we’ll guide you through a transformative journey using AI to help you become a Booked Out VA! Our program is broken down into five easy-to-follow steps, each packed with features and benefits to help you thrive. The best part it’s free!




Skill Level



Hey VA at the startup stage! Welcome to being an entrepreneur and get ready to upskill your services.

Here’s what you can expect from  the Ultimate VA Event: Booked Out VA🤖AI, hosted by Leah Kearns from strategic business agency Earth Sky Co.

🌟 Part 1: Process over Perfection

Embrace AI as your first team member and let it work its magic in finding the right audience for you. You’ll define and meet your audience, and present them with irresistible service options that they can’t say no to!

🌟 Part 2: Productive Productization

Become a specialist with a brand that reflects both your business and your clients’ values. You’ll learn to manage expectations with anticipation and create impactful images and stories using Chat-GPT, helping you stand out as the perfect match for your ideal clients.

🌟 Part 3: Get New Clients

We’ll help you set up your online VA business and tailor your offers to your clients’ needs in areas such as focus, awareness, leadership, or growth. With AI’s help, you’ll understand the dynamics of actionable and transactional tasks, allowing you to win more clients with less effort and avoid pitch burnout.

🌟 Part 4: Social Proof for Greater Sales

Discover the power of Sharing Client Love and the impact of client recommendations. You’ll use AI to analyze client sessions, gaining clarity on what works and what connects with the online business owners you want to work with most.

🌟 Part 5: Incremental Improvement for Profit

Finally, we’ll tie everything together, showing you how continuous improvement drives profit and connects back to Process over Perfection. Our last AI analysis will provide personalized recommendations on what to focus on next, leaving you with a roadmap to success.

By the end of VA Week, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to become a Booked Out VA using AI, all without needing to work full-time (unless you want to)!

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of AI and transform your VA business today!

What’s included in this free ticket?

48 hr access to the recordings for each day.

A private Facebook group to share your experiences and find an event buddy to share your aha’s with.

About your host Leah Kearns

Are you a startup VA struggling to find clients? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help! I’m Leah Kearns, and I’m inviting you to join our life-changing event designed especially for VAs like you.

My mission has always been to bring ease to business, and as an ex-corporate strategic tech consultant, I know firsthand how emerging tech can create that ease. AI has streamlined my workflow, allowed me to get more quality work done in less time, and given me the freedom to enjoy my family, hobbies, and the income I need to make it all possible.

With so many AI options in the market and the need for a global benchmark for well-paid VAs, I knew I had the expertise to combine these two essential elements. That’s why I created Booked Out VA using AI – the premier event for VAs who want flexibility, freedom, and financial success.

It’s no secret that AI is evolving rapidly, making it challenging to know where to start and how to tailor it to your business and services. That’s where we come in. Our curated event will save you time, money, and teach you how to provide world-leading services for your clients using AI.

If you share our values of strong relationships, flexibility, and being well-paid, you’ll feel right at home at our event. My background includes an impressive corporate career as an Executive and Project Assistant, Project Delivery Manager, General Manager, and Commercial Consultant. With eight years of experience consulting, working with, and creating services for online business owners, I have the know-how to guide you on this journey.

Join us for this 5-part event that combines professional development with personal leadership to unlock exponential possibilities for your VA business. Booked Out VA using AI is your ticket to living the life you’ve always dreamed of – don’t miss out!

What we’ve heard from our clients about what we’re going to share with you – 

Discover the incredible transformations experienced by VAs who’ve attended our game-changing event. These inspiring success stories showcase the power of combining AI with a passionate drive for growth. Join the ranks of thriving virtual assistants who’ve unlocked new levels of flexibility, freedom, and financial success through Booked Out VA using AI. Here are just a few of their remarkable journeys:

Mel’s Journey to Success

Before working with us, Mel was a struggling to gain presence online with only a few inconsistent client transactions. She felt overwhelmed by the rapidly evolving tech landscape and couldn’t seem to find the right tools to streamline her work and attract more clients. After working with us, Mel discovered the power of AI to enhance her services and make her more efficient. She quickly gained the confidence to consistently pitch her services to new clients and saw her business really get established. Now fully booked and leveraging her services, Mel enjoys a more flexible work schedule and a stable income, all thanks to the invaluable insights she gained through working with us.

Leah’s Transformation from Novice to Expert

Discover the game-changer that Leah experienced firsthand. You’re here to learn directly from her, absorbing invaluable knowledge in an accelerated way, so you won’t spend countless hours trying to master the emerging edge of AI like she did. Leah, once a new VA, felt lost in the competitive market. She had the skills and motivation but needed guidance and direction to make her business truly stand out. Attending Booked Out VA using AI transformed her approach. The event taught Leah how to harness AI to pinpoint the perfect audience and offer irresistible services. Implementing the strategies she learned, Leah began attracting clients who aligned with her values. Today, Leah’s thriving VA business lets her savor the freedom and financial success she always dreamed of achieving.

Your Evolution in Efficiency

Here’s what’s possible for you after attending – Booked Out VA using AI.

Just imagine for a moment…

You’re a dedicated VA with a passion for helping your clients but struggle to keep up with the demands of your business.

You’re always on the lookout for ways to optimize her workflow without sacrificing quality. You spotted the event – Booked Out VA using AI.

You quickly sign up to take advantage of the free ticket so you can discover how AI can revolutionize your approach to work.

Attending each of the bite sized 15 min sessions, you embrace the event’s teachings and recommendations for integrated AI tools into your daily operations, resulting in a dramatic increase in productivity.

Your potential clients are amazed what you can offer as part of your services. So they sign with you as quick as they can.

They’re thrilled with your efficiency and quality of your work, leading to more referrals and a fully booked calendar.

Wow, who would have though that your decision to attend Booked Out VA using AI would create such a transformative impact on your business, and make you a true believer in the power of AI for VAs!

You’re so happy you came, absorbed the lessons and took the action from each day to transform your business and become a Booked Out VA using AI.


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