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What Does It All Mean? How To Find Wisdom in Your Everyday Life Experiences

How to find meaning in every challenge life throws you, which seem to make no sense at all.




Do you feel overwhelmed by life? Would you like to find a profound new purpose in your problems? What if it’s not just about finding solutions, but diving into a problem to find gems of wisdom you can’t find anywhere else?  What about your feelings? Do they lead you a merry dance? Do you wonder why you can’t control them, and whether there might be a deeper purpose for them? Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to relate to them?

In this gem of an ebook, Kathryn has distilled her lifetime of experience, showing you how you can learn and grow through your life experiences, rather than simply suffer them.  Or keep repeating them. It offers a roadmap into a powerful new relationship with your feelings that will allow you to connect more deeply to yourself, and find the gold of wisdom in every challenge.


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