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Why “Attune to Change” is Bridging the Gap in Holistic Support

Leah Kearns

Over the past couple of weeks, I unveiled "Attune to Change," a labor of love that promises to bridge the gap between sessions for empathetic practitioners. It’s not just another program; it's my fresh take of what true holistic care in the face of change can be.

How this Whole Change Thing Started

Let's rewind a bit. I thought it’d be great to reintroduce myself, not with fancy titles, but just where I’m at right now in the whole change journey. It’s more than just sharing tips—it's about sparking real and permanent change from the inside. We all need some tools to lean on, especially as comfort during those 3 am wide-awake thinking sessions. Everything about this project leans on realness, all inspired by the ups and downs of my lived experience and that which I’ve seen and guided others through. The relational and emotional challenges we have.

That In-Between Change Feeling

Ever had that feeling when you're in that weird spot between sessions and everything's just…changing? Yep, I’ve totally been there. It's like standing at the edge of a puzzle with a bunch of pieces scattered everywhere. Well that whole vibe made me realise we needed a bridge, or glue of sorts.

Not just more of the same old practitioner sessions led by folks like me, but a real space where holistic care can do its magic. It's not just about throwing in a brand new trick into the mix. It's about taking what you've got and getting it to hit the spot. So that everyone—practitioners and their peeps—can see the big picture and piece everything together, for themselves.

The Big Reveal for Changing Change

So, here's the deal with "Attune to Change": it's all about giving folks the tools they need while they're riding the waves of change. I made this because I've seen so many people needing that extra bit of support, especially during those tough moments when everything's changing super fast.

It’s about empowering clients with tools tailored for their emotional and relational journeys. As a support for them to build self-confidence and self-esteem in their change process. For me, it's an answer to the silent call of countless practitioners. It offers a beacon of guidance that they can make available to their client’s as compassionate and caregiving support, even in those vulnerable early waking hours.

My heart goes out to the struggles we face when in the soup of life's pivotal moments and decisions. And it’s needed now more than ever with the increasingly rapid and complex changes we’re facing.

The Reason Behind My Focus on Change

Peeling back the curtain a bit, I wanted to share why I’m so into this change thing. After seeing so many people looking for that extra support during their change journeys, I felt we needed something more—a constant buddy during those wild 3 am thoughts.

It’s in support of the dedication and deep commitment of practitioners who yearn to give more to their clients. But simply can’t.

Whether that’s because it’s not financially feasible for the client. Or it’s beyond the brilliant practitioner’s current capacity within the hours they have available to work with client’s for 1:1 transformation.

This program brings back the power to the client. The upside is the reputation and referrals that come. The downside is that you’ll need them, as your clients move on because they’ve become self-sufficient and self-sustaining. But isn’t this what we want for our clients anyway as practitioners!?

Where they ultimately no longer need support from you as the practitioner but can become fully self-led. Except for the odd occasion or rare moment of wanting deep support for a particular thing that’s come up.

Facilitated space to be seen and heard in their vulnerability and discharge their initial responses, so they can return to their inner world connection and home base. Practitioner sessions are then building on honouring what they’re experiencing in those life-altering change moments.

This is why the key tool for “Attune to Change” is the Relational Processing Method™ (RPM). That’s exactly what it does.

The Pillars of My Vision for Changing Change

Strong, self-led tools stand firm on their foundational values.

For "Attune to Change" it’s all about –

  • Being real (Authenticity)
  • Speaking the truth (Truth)
  • Straight-up honesty (Honesty)
  • Trusting the process (Trust)

I've always dreamed of a world where support goes beyond just set times—a place where genuine help is available whenever you need it. Through all the messy bits of change. This is my way of shaking things up, lighting a path for those who want to make a real difference.

A Letter from the Heart

The most touching moment in these first stages for me was penning down a love letter.

Writing a heart-to-heart note to the dedicated change-supporters out there. With "Attune to Change", I want to give a big shoutout, offering the tools and confidence to dive deeper into emotional, relational and physiological changes.

The Guiding Principle

To wrap up the intro of “Attune to Change”, I shared a statement close to my heart: "others advise, empathetic entrepreneurs empower." This whole journey is all about embracing the power of real and self-led empathy during change.

Check out my other posts where I chat more about "Attune to Change". And as we move ahead together, I'm super excited to give a shoutout to everyone embracing the program, leading the way in change for all.

Wired for What’s Wrong Change Workshop

If you feel this could benefit your practice with your clients, discover more by joining the workshop to find out more about the process, and to experience one of the processes for yourself. 👇

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