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Why “Attune to Change” is Bridging the Gap in Holistic Support

Why “Attune to Change” is Bridging the Gap in Holistic Support cover

Introducing “Attune to Change,” a fresh take on holistic care that bridges the gap between sessions for empathetic practitioners. Empower your clients with tailored tools for their change journey and build self-confidence along the way. Join the workshop to learn more! #AttunetoChange #HolisticCare

Embracing Change with the Assistance of Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Change with the Assistance of Artificial Intelligence cover

Change is a part of life, and those who are best able to adapt to it are the most successful. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major force of change that is impacting many different industries and aspects of life. AI machines are able to learn and improve on their own, making them a useful tool for those who experience change frequently. AI can be used as online business assistance technology, making it a valuable asset for business leaders who need help saving time and energy. Here’s 3 ways I use it as a force for good change.

4 stages of autism awareness as a ‘neurotypical’ business owner

4 stages of autism awareness as a ‘neurotypical’ business owner cover

Being a home-based business owner and running a business during the biggest shift in the way we work in 109 years has been challenging for everyone. But realising you’re a person with autism and coming to terms with something that both feels like home, and also still feels so unknown is a whole other realm of re-working the way I work as a home-based business creator.

Is an easy business possible? The simply joyous business model says yes.

Is an easy business possible? The simply joyous business model says yes.

When I first came up with the concept of the simply joyous business model my first thought was “wow, that was easy”. The six months before this epiphany were spent trawling back through every last piece of strategy I knew, looking for god only knows what. This was a game changer I had been not so patiently waiting for.

5 concrete reasons articles change life.

Alt text: search drop down list of how to find... with a bunch of options like meaning, yourself, your passion, your keys. Pretty blurry pastel rainbow background. PS. My answer is always Articles!

It’s after the words leave my mouth that I realise what I mean. Truth is, I don’t know what I stand for. Until I’ve said it. This is the power of articles.

Recovering from Social Emotional Exhaustion

Uncertain times calls for greater equilibrium

Let me know if you resonate with anything in this one…

The biggest challenge I have personally risen to time and time again in the last two years is being able to notice when I feel as though I’m “going down“.

In these moments I feel as though my hyper-vigilance is amped up to the max. And on quite a few occasions I was actually experiencing dissociation. 

Yep it had kept me safe all these years. But in the depth of all the uncertainty, I wanted to feel secure, confident and able to choose to maintain my sense of equilibrium. No matter what.

As I became grace under fire, each time starring down the flames in these moments that threatened to reduce me to ashes. I gradually created the pause to engage from 4th gear to neutral to observe.

I realised that I certainly had been relying on old patterns, habits and crutches that helped me survive from ‘before’.

And that I had been hiding this so strongly every day to ‘fit in’ and ‘act normal’ that it was exhausting me.

This was social emotional exhaustion at the deepest depths. 

This exhaustion often came from me unconsciously emulating the approach of others.

Contributing to spaces in the hope of being liked. 

Always being just a little bit not me. 

Leading with my not self

All in my wish to belong.

I worked with simply three clients in ten months. Here’s why…

woman playing jenga

In an ‘industry’ famed for how many figures you make in ratio with how many clients you have. I worked with three clients in ten months to see what would happen if I slowed down the rapid transformation treadmill. I was amazed to instead see the horizontal growth that happened instead. The transformation sector is […]

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