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Is an easy business possible? The simply joyous business model says yes.

Earth Sky Co

When I first came up with the concept of the simply joyous business model my first thought was “wow, that was easy”.

The six months before this epiphany were spent trawling back through every last piece of strategy I knew, looking for god only knows what.

I felt I was both missing something, and being chased by something at the same time. Yet I had a sneaking suspicion that I was edging my way closer than I’d ever been before. To something that would change everything.

simply joyous business model leah kearns - lightbulb easy business
Literally a picture of me literally seeking the answer 😆 Caption: Pic of a sculpture monkey with a lightbulb, climbing a vertical wall that has a sunshine pattern with brown tones. Photographer: Jennifer Griffin | Source: Unsplash

I began working with my ‘client zero’, long-time Creator (from my other enterprise WE-Being) and Practitioner Mel Ryan. I thought I had to keep up with what I was unfolding with Mel in my own work. For that was what it felt like the whole coaching industry was yelling for me to do. You know the one. The collective belief that I needed to ‘go first’ and ‘fully embody’ what I knew (my truth) before I could share that with someone else.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for being the practitioner and consciously and continuously practising what you teach. But this unspoken coaching rule ‘number 118’ felt more like saying first you had to break, and only then were you allowed to make it.

This little mindf^*k kept me on tender hooks like a witch waiting for the hunt to catch up with her. It added another reason and layer to the resistance that was already there for me. For my not self to not share what was coming through me.

As a keeper of a very important code. I knew innately that I was almost at the crossroad. I’ve been here dozens of times before. The crossroad of ‘Going for it’ and ‘Watch from the bench’ was fast approaching.

But WTF do you do right? Risk persecution and take the plunge. Ostracized, criticized and cop the stoning from the sisterhood of yet another ‘rule break’. Or make a break for it and realise that no matter what happens there is only truth. My truth.

Truth be told the simply joyous business model was my truth.

But! This little break through did come from unspoken coaching rule ‘number 29’. Transformation requires a breakdown to breakthrough.

No I hadn’t fully embodied it yet. But it was coming anyway. I couldn’t keep up with it as it also demanded I build a mothership to translate it so others didn’t need to “think” it through all the time. They could simply act from the activation and be with whatever brilliance came next.

I couldn’t fully embody it yet, cause it was simply beyond my conscious recognition. This meant I needed to be with others who trust as deeply as I do. Who feel and know that the joyous business model is their path. Even when none of us knew what that meant. People who can hold themselves without answers. In the sometimes awkward pauses. In the space that exists without expectation. There’s possibility with the silence. The potentiality of neutrality.

Thankfully the story of the work of Matias De Stefano was sent my way. Right at the moment I was taking my first questioning steps. Seeing his example of remembering. Well it spoke to me at the cellular depth of what I had previously taken such precarious and tentative steps with. And ultimately withdrew from. Because of being activated (with feelings of fear) by popular coaching opinion.

But this time. Standing with the strength of the simply joyous business model. It delivers to me day after day. The exact thing it says on the box. Joyous business abounded me for the first time in my career. I was finally enveloped in what I had been pursuing for the last twenty years.

It meant releasing the yard (and often whacking) stick of quantity, productivity, earning, measuring, expecting, generating. Tied heavily to my not self. Not as healthily integrated with my self.

The simply joyous business model introduced me to the concepts of patience, gratification, movement, sensation, horizontal growth and perseverance as an act of love for self.

This breakthrough wasn’t without loss.

The proceeding break down, let’s face it. It was horrific. And brought me to the place of experiencing the sheer cellular terror that only comes from trauma based change. When you’re thrust into a transformation experience because of taking a step you felt was the right step at the right time.

Only to find that bam. It was the right step at the right time. But in a very big ways different than what you thought it might offer. And that part wasn’t in a fun way. But it sure delivered what I needed. It brought me to simply joyous online business. And the gently lapping joyous business model.

Back to the grieving of what I lost. You see. It wasn’t in the who, like as in which friends. The sorrow was actually the loss of the old me. The me that got me to survive and actually delivered me to the here and now. That chick. Man, she’s a survivor.

She kept as much as she could going. Just so I could sit here and write this out to share with you. It almost broke her. Especially that last little bit. But she did it. She made it. She became the nebula from the stardust she was made from. And I know that if she could do it. So can you. The simply joyous business model was born of this stardust. And you my friend are my star family.

So what makes the simply joyous business model well, joyous?

  1. You get to say ‘wow that was easy’.
  2. You are supported as you do your thing.
  3. It is minimalistic.
  4. It’s based on the big picture (as an evolution of its predecessor the macro business model).
  5. It stands for one piece of the puzzle at the time and feeling the flow as it comes together.
  6. It blows away what’s there but keeps the impact-led blueprint you came in with.

Think of it like choosing to renovate your home with all the modern conveniences but keeping your million dollar views and the charm that makes it feel uniquely yours.

No more other peoples ground in dirt poking out of your base boards. Or dust caught between the cracks of the floorboards. Nor skin-cell scum on your shower screen that you can never clean no matter how much elbow grease you use.

Instead shiny new backsplash, benchtops that glisten in the sunlight, and so much space you wonder how you’ll ever decorate it all and feel you’ll never out grow it.

Erase the walls and start again. Renovate it to be how you’d like it to be. Not as the directive as designed by someone else. Caption: A blueprint line drawing showing some impermanent walls. Pink circles representing renewal and peach paper to represent restoration.

The Simply Joyous Business Model Process

Setting the scene for simply joyous business doesn’t take much. After all the catch phrase is encouraged to be ‘wow, that was easy’. And if it isn’t then feel free to spin again. Here’s the four agreements I like to keep with myself as I move through the horizontal growth process that is the simply joyous business model..

  1. Blow away your blueprint

Think open plan living concept. No more separate boxed in spaces – business, life, health, finances, loved ones as tiny to-do boxes. Relax your controlling walls and choose to design it with retractable walls, flexible flooring, and a sense of style that’s truly your own.

I know it will be a bit uncomfortable at first. Like trying to keep your peas separate from your mash potato on your grand Sunday roast plate. At first it looks a mess when you mash it up. But I cheer you on to clear your plate and imagineer a way that makes it more appetizing to you. Not sure what that would look like? Read on my friend!

2. Make it your own

Not sure what you like? Look around and make a montage. Draw on what makes you stop your scroll. Use the contrast even of what you don’t like to discern and decide what you do. Feel out your truth from that!

What would your brand feel like as furnishings, fixtures and frames on a wall? And don’t forget the textures of rugs and richness of throw blankets and cushions. Oh and don’t forget the plant babies! Paint your presence by bringing it to life with a design mood board [backlink].

3. Who do you want to invite over to enjoy it with you?

Now who would feel welcome sitting in that space and what values do you share? Picture you, them and a beverage of choice. A long natter on the lounge. Or you each curled up in your corners with a warm lap rug, soft sunlight streaming in and a cuppa in hand.

People want to work with and circulate money with people who share the vision of the future they have. Values-based business combined with impact-led missions are how it’s going to be done from here on in. Who are you sharing with?

4. Start with one

Client zero is a concept I came to when I was struggling to understand who my ‘audience’ was. I was trying to mash together so many traits and qualities of all the clients I’d worked with. I wanted to find the one thread that tied them together. Instead I chose to make it simple. Start with one. Find the one I enjoyed working with that would be open. And who would also benefit most from what I offer know as a education specialist – a knowledge keeper – and business generalist.

Working with one client who is open to working the way I do in this creative process allowed me to fully be myself. There’s no justifications, excuses, explanations, over delivering, proving myself or over-giving needed (some of my biggest qualities).

There’s simply me. In the timing that the insight is able to arrive in. As and when I am able to create more space for it to come. Client zero is gold dust. And I thank my lucky stars for the clients who have been this with me to date!

5. Easy peesy lemon squeezy

You’ve heard of KISS – keep it simple silly. I prefer KIEP – Keep It Easy Peesy.

I was at the play park with my son and another young fellow came along saying easy peesy each time he went on a different piece of play equipment. As a mantra or showing ‘off’ – depends on the perspective. If I were him it would be reinforcing that it gets to be easy peesy lemon squeezy!

One things for sure. It sure as heck doesn’t need to be ‘I’m not sure I can do it’, or ‘I don’t have time to play’. Both having been badges I’ve worn to my detriment. Easy peesy lemon squeezy is what’s possible when all you need to be concerned about is with what’s in front of you.

That sense of certainty that comes from knowing that no matter whatever comes up, you’ve already got it covered. Offers you the possibility to be present for what you feel you need to. When you need to.

And not get distracted with worrying if you’ve posted enough. Spoken about selling enough today. Or if people can find or access your links to buy from you. Or that you were way ‘off message’ with your last share.

The simply joyous business model allows you to keep your priorities on what you want to be with. Whether that’s with a loved one. A creative project. Or in connecting with nature. You get to keep it easy peesy. This sense of safety gives you confidence to be present, and not have a reaction to need or want to control. And that’s what the simply joyous business model is all about.

The upshot of easy

With so many roles to fill in online business it is easy. Easy to get overwhelmed, distracted, or just plain stuck. Right?

But it can also truley be just as easy for it to flow.

It’s why the Enlightenly platform adopted the simply joyous business model. The platform supports you as an education specialist – a knowledge keeper of sorts – to share your wisdom in ways that work for you and your circumstances. Without the overhead and ongoing costs of having to build, manage and run your own platforms.

Put your valuable content assets front and centre. Have all your business essentials taken care of. Freeing you to get on with living, creating, sharing from and loving the new constant that is simply joyous online business.

Showcase your truth, brilliance, and support others through your Enlightenly shop space with smarts. Ensuring the investment of the one thing you can’t get back – your time, pays off. And that your content assets get to make the impact with their full potential you’ve charged (intended) them with.

Byline: Leah Kearns

Enlightenly ~

  • We believe – nurturing creates trust. Discernment brings rewards. And time is best honoured through being present.
  • The way we create time for you to be present is by making our services simply joyous for your online business essentials.
  • We just happen to sell shop space with smarts™.
  • Feel joyous as you passionately share your message and make impact.

Enlightenly – simply joyous online business

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