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Feel Your Way Forward with Change

Discover the transformative power in this ‘Feel Your Way Forward with Change’ masterclass on the 1st September.

Two Live Events: Join me Friday at 11am, or at 7:30pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia) for insights and live Q&A sessions (details below).

  • Navigate Life’s Waves: Gain confidence to face your evolving changes.
  • Personal Exploration: Dive into your unique change navigation style.
  • Meet Your Inner Roles: Uncover the transformative roles guiding change within you.

On-Demand Replay: Can’t make it live? Opt for ‘pay what you feel’ by entering an amount below for access to the recording of the 11am session.

If not, add to cart now for free and I’ll see you there live!

Suggested: A$27.00

Suggested: A$27.00



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Welcome, brave empathetic caregivers and dedicated entrepreneurs.

Change – it’s as inevitable as the setting sun.

We often think of it as a force that sweeps through one aspect of our lives, leaving the rest untouched. But, you know that’s not the case, don’t you? Change is a wave, and when it comes, it touches every shore of our existence. You already have the power to navigate this wave. Even if you don’t feel you do.

My upcoming masterclass, Feel Your Way Forward with Change, guides you to show you how.

During this transformative journey, we will spotlight four pivotal life areas:

  • Self: Your inner world, beliefs, and personal growth.
  • Relationships: Your connections with others and how you relate to the world.
  • Work: Your career, your passion, your livelihood.
  • Finances: Your resources, stability, and future planning.

These are intertwined parts of your life. Adjust one, and the others respond. But where to start your change? That’s exactly what we’ll look at together.


I’ll help you identify your capacity for change.

Together, we’ll map out where you are, versus where you want to be.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, after all!


we’ll explore your resources.

Time. Energy. Money. These are the building blocks of change.

Are they in your kit, ready to go? If not, don’t fret. I’ll guide you on how to gather and utilise what you need and know how to spot when you need it.

As we traverse the terrain of transformation, we’ll also pause to take a look back. Change is a journey marked by numerous forks in the road, and each decision you’ve made has shaped your path.

Maybe you’re able to recall those key moments in your life? The times when you stood at a crossroad and had to make a choice?

Together, we’ll journey back through your personal history, spotlighting those pivotal moments. Then by time-mapping your past decisions during periods of change, we’ll uncover a clear pattern. You’ll clearly understand how you navigate change. Your instinctive reactions, intuitive knowing, and the reasoning behind your choices.

We’ll finish with…

the pièce de résistance of our Feel Your Way Forward with Change masterclass.

This involves a way of discovering what felt connection to various facets of you feels like. Think of these as roles you play on your personal stage, each contributing to your growth and ability to experience change well.

We’ll meet these characters:

  • The Healer: The empathetic one, always ready with a soothing word or a comforting gesture.
  • The Founder: The dreamer, the visionary, the mover.
  • The Leader: The brave soul who navigates storms and stands as grace under fire with unwavering resolve.
  • The Investor: The planner, the strategist, the risk taker.

But the roles don’t stop there. During your journey, you might notice yourself shifting between different stages of multi-dimensional development that are called in to play at anytime in your life. Each with its own insights and lessons.

Together we’ll also look at the 4 roles as they adopt subconscious behaviours for survival, growth and living your best life. And a way they can guide you to embrace their strengths in your change journey and path of development using feeling-based awareness.

These roles and stages will accompany you through your journey, helping you understand yourself better and guiding you on how to navigate change effectively.

Remember, all these parts make up the wonderful, complex, and capable individual that you are. Each has a role to play in your story of change!

You’re not alone in your change journey. I’m here as a resource, your cheerleader, and your steadfast ally. You are capable. You are brave. And with resources that feel good to you to use, I know you can navigate any change that life throws your way.

Let’s embrace the ebb and flow of the waves of change and Feel Your Way Forward with Change.

Session Formats

You can pick one or both transformative sessions where your curiosities and questions can take center stage.

Live Session & Live Q&A – Dive in with us on Friday at 11am AEST (Melbourne, Australia). This is where the magic begins.

Watch Party & Live Q&A – If mornings aren’t your thing or you want a refresher, catch the session recording replay live in a private space, followed by another chance for a live Q&A on the same Friday at 7:30pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia).

And for those moments when life’s rhythm takes you elsewhere, don’t fret. If you can’t join us live, opt for our ‘pay what you feel’ offer. This way, you’ll secure your access to the invaluable recording, ready for you whenever inspiration strikes. Read on for details.

Will there be a recording?

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way or you might just want to revisit the insights and learnings from the masterclass. Every participant who makes a contribution through our ‘pay what you feel’ approach will receive a recording of the session. The best part? There’s no time or watch limit. You can view this recording whenever you wish, as many times as you’d like. It’s our way of saying thank you for valuing the knowledge and insights shared.

What happens after I make a payment?

Once your payment is confirmed, here’s what to expect:

  1. You’ll immediately see a link on the payment confirmation page. This link is your gateway to the live masterclass. The Watch Party Replay & Live Q&A will be held in a closed Facebook group which you will also be able to join from the same masterclass link.
  2. A confirmation email will wing its way to your inbox. This email not only serves as a receipt of your payment but also contains the same link to join the live events.
  3. If you’ve chosen to contribute via the ‘pay what you feel’ feature, there’s an added bonus. You will also receive the recording of the masterclass. This means you can play back the session whenever you want, diving back into the wealth of knowledge at your own pace.

Remember, I’m here to ensure your experience is smooth and valuable. Should you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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