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Workshop Wednesdays Membership

Workshop Wednesdays with Mel – Sorting out life

Where we pull things apart to find the real answers,

By exploring your truth and reconnecting with you.

Please note this purchase is for a monthly subscription.

Membership includes access to all workshops. Group chats. Questions for Mel. Input on upcoming Workshops. Early access to future face-to-face workshops and retreats, and Opportunities to be a guest on Mel’s podcast.

Original price was: A$65.00.Current price is: A$50.00./Month



Workshop Wednesdays with Mel

Fortnightly recorded workshops where we explore the truth behind why things happen, how we got here, and why we don’t or can’t challenge this.

By engaging in this process of self-reflection and analysis, we uncover the truth about beliefs and patterns that have influenced our life.

We explore and connect with our inner voice through self-awareness and introspection to find greater clarity and awareness.

Now that we understand how we got here, we look at ways we can support ourselves differently moving forward.

“Workshop Wednesdays with Mel” hold a supportive and collaborative environment for you to find your answers.

Why Workshop Wednesdays are so important to Mel :)…….

What if there is a place that holds the real answers for us, the answers that make sense?

As a little girl, I would ask ‘why’ about everything. Most
of the time the answers I got were superficial.

“It’s just the way it is, or it all depends on luck, sometimes
bad things happen, or we can’t have everything we want”.

All of these answers lead me to feel powerless. A victim of
my circumstances and I often felt unlucky. Life appeared unfair.

But my questioning of why things happened never ceased. As I
became older my search to find answers that would satisfy me escalated.

I began to unlock a deeper level.

The level under ‘you had a difficult life’.

The level under abuse, death, illness, trauma.

The level under luck.

It ended with me.

And my why’s.

The whys. The answers for me that felt right. To me when I
understood something, the questioning stopped because everything made sense.

The point of life.

It was the big picture. From this layer I found a whole new

Where I am not a victim, confused, lost, defeated or overwhelmed.

Instead, I am courageously empowered and intrigued to explore
life from my soul perspective.

This is where I work from.

This is how I will work with you.

To understand what your life means

By finding your ‘why’, the real truth about the questions you
have and the questions you didn’t even know you had.

Together we find the layer, under the illnesses you are
diagnosed with, or the people you gave your power away to for how you feel, the
letters after your name, and the circumstances in which you find yourself in.

We find the layer ‘you are no longer powerless’.

We find you.

Mel xx


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