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Activating Income™️

Activating Income™ is a business healing program that offers sales support, personal and business relationship healing for improving sales, business and personal growth and greater supporting the life you want to move towards.

In this program you’ll experience feeling consistently safe to being safe and comfortable.

You’ll invest your time and energy to create values-aligned sales and marketing assets to successfully establish products you care about and progressively passive income streams. To move you toward more of what you want from your business and the life you’ve been visioning for yourself.

Program access and 6 months support.




Skill Level



What is Activating Income™?

It’s an experiential business process that is tailored to you and the needs of your business.

There’s 2 streams to it that come together to provide you with the strength and the know-how to face whatever you need to in your business to create it to be a vehicle that takes you toward what you want.

Streams –

1. Healing with Mindful Awareness – Bringing greater spaciousness and a mindful awareness way to how you work.

These are the 4 areas of business strategy and support that elude many creators in business. These are strategy, systems, structure and support with step-by-step know-how in these. 

Why? Because they often feel too hard, or you’ve done them before the way you were told and they didn’t work for you. They were overwhelming and you spent all your time on them instead of being able to focus on your clients, or your healing work in the world. You may have even felt that they let you down. I want you to know that I absolutely hear you.

These are the parts of business though that allow you to consciously uncouple yourself from your time in your business. They allow you to find freedom, spaciousness and pay for the lifestyle you want. Without outsourcing it all and building a team to manage it. Which I know you’re not keen on, and as you know would also add significant direct costs to how much profit you then need to make every month so you can have what you want and afford to pay a team.

These are the parts that create more space to work on the things you want to be creating.

They are essential to creating income that returns your time to you, especially progressively passive income.

2. Healing with Somatic Observation – Being Self-led as you heal the relationship with your Self and bring your healing work to the world moment-to-moment.

The 3 somatic areas of business that keep us from what we want are shadow, social (hurt, confusion or overwhelm), and not feeling safe.

Stream 2 focuses on how online business creates a clash and conflict between these key parts, and how having a way to face what’s where with a safe and reliable self-led practice, allows you to create the business you’ve been visioning.

These are the parts experienced through your business that allow you to hold greater energies of all kind – trust, kindness, money, health, compassion, injustice. And for you to create and hold space, offer products, and back causes that create the kind of reality you’re wanting.

These are the parts that have become essential in conscious business as it has evolved into what it has become now.

Activating Income™️ brings you the best of the best with stream 1 so you can feel safe in your business and feel that it has your back, as you do the deep and transformational work with your clients.

And pairs it with stream 2 to continue to strengthen the relationship with your core authentic Self which is the reason your clients want to work with you.

It allows you to simply run your business and turn up to receive more when you feel the timing is right toward more of what you want.

It opens you to being able to receive it. Finally. Wholly. And with stability that will support it to keep working for you.

And it saves you money, energy and time in managing the kit and kaboodle that involved in improving sales with your transformation-focused business.

What involved in Activating Income™️?

There’s 4 strategic layers that –

  • strengethen your business,
  • increase your capacity from the ground up, and 
  • create a complete and unique customer journey that works for you and meets your clients exactly where they’re at.

Feel into that for a moment! Less time chasing clients who aren’t ready yet, or who would actually get benefit from and the result they are looking for from one of your other products that are less time and energy intensive from you.


The Product layer is all about creating a professional online space as a hub to transact with your customers or clients on.

This layer celebrates completion with the opening your shop kiosk and sharing your work with your heart behind it, in a way that feels purposeful. 

The layer gives you strong foundations for trusted transactions. Creating a purpose for your Product to play in your business – both for your gain and your client’s benefit.

Giving you confidence for selling and asking for clients and advocates to sell with you as you have a professional space that is customised to your brand and have all your sales and marketing ready at the click of a button, ready for whenever you need them.

It’s – 

  • sales low-tech system
  • marketable product
  • marketing assets to support sales

So that – 

  • there’s a dedicated place where potential clients can browse, binge and buy
  • have your brand, products and your work seen as valuable and featured, which encourages clients to buy, and
  • to support your prodtc to be easily sellable – by you and your advocates.

This layer rebuilds any confidence you may have lost through your business or recent intimate relationships or relationships with your closest loved ones.

It allows you to feel safe with your business, your next clients and the biggest one for sales – safe to be seen and hear in business and acknowledged in what you want for your Self.

You can keep your website if you have one that’s working for you already. And create the assets needed to backfill what you have there.

If it’s not sending you new clients, we’ll recommend you use the sales support platform enlightenly which is in line with the strategies we’ve tried and tested with our clients.


The Presence layer is focused on the healing of intentional action taking (activating) that makes the promotion process progressively passive, or able to be affordibly outsourced sooner in your business journey rather than later.

This layer celebrates completion with the opening ceremony for your advocate program and booking your first guest spot on your chosen stage.

The layer gives you prime positioning for product-to-market-fit. Giving you a sense for success in the life you’re moving toward through further refining and strengthening relationships, increasing lead interest, and establishing inbound and synchronicity-led connections for client and other opportunities. Further freeing up your time to follow what you’re being called to explore.

It’s – 

  • customer advocacy
  • case studies for evidential client journeys
  • guesting in groups
  • tailoring your promotional cycle to match your needs

So that – 

  • you connect and nurture your clients between sales and create an advocate team with them, 
  • test Product with clients you want more of, 
  • expand your reach to a new audience – selling and offering to strangers, and
  • consistent content, feeding your creativity and authenticating your key messages.

This layer builds acceptance for your deep authentic Self and the way you want to communicate what’s coming up from within your re-established body-wisdom.

The communication that arises in this layer is from your reconnection to your Self body consciousness which leads and illuminates for you in your shadows to further safely reclaim your personal power long since relegated, delegated or dedicated to others for eons.

This layer creates opportunity for you as a Founder of your own way of bringing your healing work to the world considerably more often than you ever have before through your business, Products and services you offer to your clients and audience alike.

3. PROOF – 

The Proof layer delivers a sense of greater self-esteem and self-acceptance. As well as wider market acceptance and product adoption.

This layer celebrates completion with completing your asset bank and being ready to be able to move forward with ads if or when you feel ready.

The layer gives you the needed expansion and further spaciousness for refining your offerings, digging deeper into your clients’ experiences, and understanding the true impact of your work, so you can explain it even more effortlessly and for it to connect with your ideal clients. 

It’s – 

  • testimonials, reviews from case study feedback
  • refining your product offerings and adding prequel or supporting product creation
  • RIPPA reporting and monitoring – Results, Impact, Proof, Prepare for Ads (when profitable)

So that – 

  • there’s less risk for clients to try your work, build trust and your product be more sellable,
  • there’s more sales to the clients that want more of – you’re speaking their language, and
  • your assets area ready to roll, or fill in assets, content, or tweak what’s missing.

This layer builds a sense of freedom of choice with your deep authentic Self and the way you want to commit to trust your yes with your body-wisdom as your guide. It gives further opportunity to feel comfortable and confident being seen and showcasing your work in a way that creates a bond and an affinity with potential clients.

This layer creates opportunity for you as an Entrepreneur to create the foundations for holding further greater capacity, income and setting you up for receiving from multiple channels of income.

3. PROFIT – 

The Profit layer provides all you need to implement and hold progressively passive income fully and repeatedly.

This layer celebrates completion with adding a new marketing channel to your connection paths of your customer.

The layer gives you opportunity and encouragement for continuing to open for further receiving, preparing yourself to delegate. And creating greater ease within, and within your business with further support at the right timing for your circumstances and in partnership with your shadows.

It’s – 

  • making decisions based on metrics
  • managing your cashflow, profitability and money
  • customer care for relationship building and improving sales
  • curating your new channel for marketing

So that – 

  • you know clearly what’s working for you and you can tweak plans, direction or product,
  • you know what profitable is for your business and move toward more progressively passive income while managing costs,
  • clients feel taken care of and not sold to all the time, and
  • greater creativity with different income channels, social media channels and sales channels.

This layer builds a deep trust of your authentic Self that you accept your yes for decisions that you make and have made. You can really feel it viscerally as your connection with your body-wisdom is on point and in consistent communication.

This layer creates opportunity for you as an Investor to feel fulfilled in all you have and are creating and are excited for what’s to come and what you’re investing in next.

What’s included during the program?

Strategy Resources –

  • Activating Income™ Program (per the ‘Layers’ above – Product, Presence, Proof, Profit)
  • Create a Starship Course course inc Course Hosting for up to 3 courses on ‘Campus
  • Creator Club
  • Creator Package – inc. 1x 45 min 1:1 Strategy Session and a 112 Day Plan

Healing Process –

  • Personalised Shadow Walk™ Profile
  • Shadow Walk™ process
  • Insight Quiz™ clarity (when requested)
  • Capacity Planner (if needed)

Support –

  • Voxer voice messaging (business hours)
  • 420 mins 1:1 video meeting Business Healing sessions (1 p/mth + on-boarding business healing session, or as 20 min sessions)
  • Dedicated client dashboard, recorded Business Healing Sessions, Session notes

Saving over $630 rather than as seperate offerings.

About the Healing process

Activating Income™ has been designed as a Business Healing program for progressing, processing and getting the promotion that your healing work in the world deserves. 

  • Restore your self-led Healer and inner Child connection
  • Rescue your self-led Founder and inner Adolescent connection
  • Raise your self-led Entrepreneur and inner Leader connection
  • Renew your self-led Investor and inner Elder connection

It is part of the Relational Healing™ methodology which is a SOMAtic – Somatic Observation and Mindful Awareness experience that creates individual repetitive movements that highlight habitual features of a person’s behaviour (tic). This is what your truth is fuelled from and your capacity to hold what you’re visioning is grown out of.

In the Activating Income™ program, the Shadow Walk™ process is offered as core Seld-led support tool in support of your healing. It’s also what’s experienced with your facilitator in your 1:1 sessions. It comes from the wider Relational Healing™ methodology.

This program is for – 

  • A business owner who has products they offer and that they’ve had sales with but feels they have plateaued in their work, or that the products could be doing more.
  • Business owners who are willing to be open to evolving and growing their body-of-work.
  • Entrepreneurs who feel like it is time to invest in themselves and their business to lay the foundations for creating long-term increase in their reach, visibility, sales and profit with values aligned clients.
  • Service providers who want to ultimately create their powerful digital product, based on their 1:1 experience and client history.
  • Support for your Self and your business out of a personal traumatic situation – blindsidedness, deep loss, hurt, disappointment or grief.
  • You if you are ready for deeper personal growth and healing exploration.

Payment Plan as a monthly payment option is available after application session is completed, get in touch for more details.

Will you allow your Self to experience Activating Income™ in your business and your life as your next chapter?

I want to acknowledge that you might have been trying to do this for a long time and have been searching for the unicorn who can help you with all of this.

Hey, you found me. I’m right here!

Since I became a corporate escapee from consulting and entered the batism of fire that is online business at times I’ve been confused, overwhelmed and felt alone.

Through my journey of becoming a Mum, as well as experiencing life as diagnosed Autistic, time became my ultimate to have, to hold and to open up a life of receiving support and incremental income that wasn’t tied to what I could fit in, do or who I was anymore.

It also led me to create Earth Sky Co as a business healing agency.

The more my income opportunities increased, the more I was led to heal and deepen my relationship with my Self, how I experience the world, and what that means in my relationships with my clients and loved ones, and their relationships with their clients and loved ones. This Impact Effect™ became so obvious for me that I back-mapped what brought me here cause it felt like the missing link when my clients (and I) would plateau, stall or get stuck.

I created the Relational Healing™ methodology and put that alongside the strategy work in business that I knew and loved.

It has been an absolute game changer for my clients and I. I am so happy to offer it inside Activating Income™.

Finally a unicorn program for transformation creating business owners, held by a unicorn healer who uses strategy to create real felt safety, comfort and income generating products for greater life freedom.

Not sure if it’s for you?

Here’s how you can check –

  1. Book a business asset audit so you can see where you’re at and if it’s the right time for you in this immersive experience.
  2. If it isn’t, or you’re hestitant to find out, you could instead join Creator Club as it’s the less immersive version of this experience. Where you self-lead through the process and pick and choose what you focus on at your own pace.
  3. Take the Insight Quiz™ and ask me your question at the end. Simply click the link, message me the word ‘quiz’ to answer the profile questions for clarity.

You’ve added to basket and checked-out. Then what happens next?

I’ll be in touch with your Client Agreement for this program. You sign and return it to me.

Then I’ll send you an email with an on-boarding business healing session where you’ll explain where you’re at right now, I’ll explain how we get started and we’ll work with your Personalised Shadow Walk Healing Profile from your Insight Quiz™ results.

You’ll be sent your dashboard which contains all your resource links, support options, and a place to track your transformation (yay for horizontal and vertical growth)!

Then you’ll start where you’re at and check-in, sound-out, or share with me on Voxer whenever you need.

I hope to welcome you soon for Activating Income™.


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