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Individual Workshops for Purchase

Each individual workshop has been taken from Workshop Wednesdays and Life unpacked,
a patron community created by Mel for truth seekers that want a deeper understanding of life. With answers to life that make sense.

Each Workshop explores a different life-blocking topic. Inside each workshop we pull each concept apart to discuss the impact it has in our lives and the block it has on our ability to think freely. We find the real answers, the ones that make sense. By exploring and reconnecting with your truth, we then reframe each concept in a way that it makes sense to you and you can support yourself empowered
in the future. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do presenting them.

Mel xxx

Original price was: A$30.00.Current price is: A$25.00.



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Below is the complete catalogue of the workshops available for individual purchase.

How to purchase for instant access – 

  1. Click on the Buy Now button below and workshop product page will open in a new page/ browser tab.
  2. Click the Add to Cart button on the workshop page that you want.
  3. Come back to this page, add any other workshops or products you’d like to buy, and then click on the shopping bag in the top right to check-out and pay for instant access.

Workshop 1

Body Talk

Buy Now

It’s not just about getting better, it’s about understanding what your body is trying to tell you.

Workshop 2

Get to Know Yourself

Buy Now

Why did I pick my family, my job, my partner, my friends, my hobbies?

Workshop 3


Buy Now

Let’s explore soulmates twin flames and the truth.

There is an unexplored perspective that may free you.

Workshop 4

Beyond Our Words

Buy Now

Let’s explore the real meanings behind the words we use.

Workshop 5

Over Giving

Buy Now

I try to say No but I end up doing it anyway.

Are you Over Giving to the point of feeling exhausted?

Workshop 6

It’s Not Fair

Buy Now

Why do all the good things happen to everyone else?

Workshop 7

All About the Rules

Buy Now

Let’s explore how the rules we live by, but never made, impact our life.

Workshop 8

Beyond the Ladder of Success

Buy Now

The Ladder of Success has disastrous effects on you feeling good enough. 

Workshop 9

The Truth about Trust

Buy Now

We hope they won’t let us down.

Workshop 10

Mastering Anxiety

Buy Now

Anxiety is not overthinking. Its years of unexplained and miss understood moments that never felt right.

Workshop 11

Why Do I…

Buy Now

Why do I eat the pantry, why do I drink wine at night, why do I eat all the sugar, why do I crave chocolate?

Workshop 12

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Buy Now

Family, friends, relationships, work. It’s not always about leaving. It’s about understanding how you got here in the first place.

Workshop 13

Rescuing Relationships

Buy Now

Are you on the same team?

If one of you wins the argument, then no one wins. Who’s more tired?

Workshop 14

Let’s Get Angry

Buy Now

Anger is a reflection of what’s not right with you? Were you told as a child to never be angry?

It’s time to change that.

Workshop 15

How to Say No

Buy Now

Do you struggle to say No? Does feeling guilty stop you from saying No?

Workshop 16

Mum Guilt

Buy Now

Mum Guilt – it’s a real thing. No matter how old you are.

Workshop 17

Generational Trauma

Buy Now

Generational Trauma and why you need to know their story. 

Workshop 18

Stop the Mean Girl

Buy Now

Stop the mean Girl-Is your self-talk holding you back? Is the person you listen too on your team?

Workshop 19

Surviving to Thriving

Buy Now

Surviving to Thriving – Unpack the stress of Christmas, families and family drama. Plus how to get the best out of holidays.
And most importantly we are going to set you up next year with how to succeed in supporting yourself

Workshop 20

Nudie Run

Buy Now

Free yourself from Expectations. Take a good look at what hasn’t worked. Set up our word to make check-in’s easier. Make some goals that support us and take a look at manifesting.

Workshop 21

How to Understand Other People’s Emotional Reactions

Buy Now

Emotional Reaction’s, can be Huge – which often leads us not knowing how to support ourselves through the situation. 

Workshop 22

In The Meantime

Buy Now

We spend more time in the pause of waiting for things to happen, than in our own lives. Its an empowering and insightful workshop that continues to give us powerful tools to support ourselves. 

Workshop 23

Soul Parenting

Buy Now

Soul Parenting. Let’s take a step back from the rules of Earth Parenting, and introduce the new way. Soul parenting where we have space to see them and what they are working on.

Workshop 24

Overcoming Overwhelm

Buy Now

Overcoming Overwhelm. Overwhelm is increasingly becoming a normalised part of life. Which leaves us paralysed to move forward and second guessing every decision we make. Let’s get some clarity.

Workshop 25

Surviving Breakups

Buy Now

Sometimes you can see a breakup coming, other times you can’t. Sometimes you are the one who instigates the breakup and other times you are the one left wondering what happened. In all breakups none of us get out of it unscathed.

Workshop 26

How To Know What They Are Working On

Buy Now

Understanding what they are working on is a powerful tool to have. These insights can completely transform our relationships.

Workshop 27

Belonging. Friend or Foe?

Buy Now

When we belong we feel safe to bring forth a more genuine version of us. However, to belong, we will often abandon ourselves, our truth, our voice, and our values.

Workshop 28


Buy Now

Expectations on us are like trying to do life with added weights. The expectations we have on other people and events sets us up to be disappointed. 

Workshop 29

Winter Blues

Buy Now

Let’s talk about some really strong ways
to support ourselves through winter and even enjoy the season rather than just
make it through.

Workshop 30

The Word Should

Buy Now

The concept of ‘should’ profoundly impacts our lives. It
often shapes our perceptions, decisions and relationships. 

About the workshop process – 

Unpacking is the term I use to describe the way I work. It helps me get to the bottom of things, or as I like to put it, the truth – our real truth – about a situation. The tool I use to unpack things is the question “Why?” I ask why it affects us, why we are stuck, and how we can support ourselves differently moving forward.  

This process looks a little like this: 

First, we discuss the situation – what it currently looks like and how it affects us in our life. We recognize the depth to which we are stuck. Then, we ask how and why did this happen? We take a step behind the scenes and look at history, patterns, belief systems, and rules – where they come from and why they are there. 

Most importantly, we look a little deeper at why we keep them. What is it that we need, or are looking for, that makes us stay unconsciously stuck? We explore the very core of our truth behind this. This is the key to the magic of moving forward differently. 

Here, we sit in a place where it’s just you, with the freedom to listen to your truth about how you really feel, why you react, the truth about why you are stuck, and what you thought you needed from others, to what you really need from yourself. From this place, an understanding is born – an understanding of you and what you are working on. When we understand something, then things begin to make sense. This is where we move forward from, with a greater understanding of ourselves. We can approach life from a different space – where we have unblocked ourselves and have a fresh perspective on the situation. 

Moving forward from here, we work on developing skills and strategies to listen to ourselves and our truth, to recognize what we need, and to know how to give ourselves that. With guilt-free boundaries and secure “No’s,” with a voice for ourselves, and the ability to make choices that feel right for us. 


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