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Individual Workshop – Expectations


Expectations play a big part in our lives. The expectations
placed on us can feel like a weight we can’t shift. The
expectations we have on other events and people in our lives can
set us up
to be disappointed. Finding out how to support ourselves and even others
through the maze of expectations.

Each Workshop explores a different life-blocking topic. Inside each workshop we pull each concept apart to discuss the impact it has in our lives and the block it has on our ability to think freely. We find the real answers, the ones that make sense. By exploring and reconnecting with your truth, we then reframe each concept in a way that it makes sense to you and you can support yourself empowered
in the future. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do presenting them.

Mel xxx

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This is for the product of the Individual Workshop – Body Talk.

Workshop 28


on us are like trying to do life with added weights.The expectations we have on other people and events sets us up to be disappointed. 

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About the workshop process – 

Unpacking is the term I use to describe the way I work. It helps me get to the bottom of things, or as I like to put it, the truth – our real truth – about a situation. The tool I use to unpack things is the question “Why?” I ask why it affects us, why we are stuck, and how we can support ourselves differently moving forward.  

This process looks a little like this: 

First, we discuss the situation – what it currently looks like and how it affects us in our life. We recognize the depth to which we are stuck. Then, we ask how and why did this happen? We take a step behind the scenes and look at history, patterns, belief systems, and rules – where they come from and why they are there. 

Most importantly, we look a little deeper at why we keep them. What is it that we need, or are looking for, that makes us stay unconsciously stuck? We explore the very core of our truth behind this. This is the key to the magic of moving forward differently. 

Here, we sit in a place where it’s just you, with the freedom to listen to your truth about how you really feel, why you react, the truth about why you are stuck, and what you thought you needed from others, to what you really need from yourself. From this place, an understanding is born – an understanding of you and what you are working on. When we understand something, then things begin to make sense. This is where we move forward from, with a greater understanding of ourselves. We can approach life from a different space – where we have unblocked ourselves and have a fresh perspective on the situation. 

Moving forward from here, we work on developing skills and strategies to listen to ourselves and our truth, to recognize what we need, and to know how to give ourselves that. With guilt-free boundaries and secure “No’s,” with a voice for ourselves, and the ability to make choices that feel right for us. 

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