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Live without Self Judgement – Online Course

Everything you need to let go of self-judgment and love yourself.  

Is the voice that you listen to full of self-love and support for you? Or is that voice full of negative self-talk and judgment?


‘Live without Self Judgment’ is a powerful course that focuses on how we currently treat ourselves and why we struggle to love ourselves.


We take an in-depth look at understanding how we got here and why it’s so much easier for us to judge ourselves rather than celebrate ourselves.

We uncover the entrenched patterns that keep us in self-judgment.

From a new perspective, we build strategies and clever ways to support ourselves moving forward.

We change our negative voice to a supportive one.

Live Without Self Judgment will change your life.




12 hours

Skill Level





From Mel xx

I created Live without Self-judgment because, for most people that I have worked with, it’s easier to answer what we don’t like about ourselves than what we do like. This is because we have been bought up to not include us as one of the people we love the most in our lives. Instead, we continuously put ourselves down. I believe this has led to an immeasurable amount of people that struggle to Love themselves. I want to change this and make it easier for people to not just love themselves, but to also know how to support themselves. This is why all my courses are designed for each person to come back to their truth and understand themselves from a new and self-aware perspective.

Live without Self Judgment

When you think about yourself are your thoughts full of self-love or self judgement?  

Do you compare yourself to other people and feel good?  

Do you wait for other people to like you before you like you?  

Do you have a list of things that you would change about yourself?  

Do you put yourself last, and everything you do in your day is to make everyone else happy?

This course explores just how deeply entrenched self-judgment is in our daily existence and how much it squashes our potential.

Together we unpack;

Why it’s easier to judge ourselves than love ourselves.  

The reason behind why judged plays such huge part in our life.  

The voice we listen to isn’t our true voice.  

How we can use comparison as a way to inspire us.  

Creative ways to give ourselves permission to love ourselves. 

Key points in Live without Self Judgment: 

  • We look at our current relationship with ourselves.

We go back to the beginning and explore how we got to be so at ease with judging ourselves constantly. 

We take a good look at the voice we currently use.

  • Changing the voice

Judged, comparing and ladders, new way

We explore judged in its entirety. And the true impact it has had on our lives.

We are introduced to the ladder of success and how we can escape from negatively comparing.

We find new ways to strongly support ourselves moving forward.

  • I give myself permission 

We explore all the ways we can listen to ourselves, and be present to see the truth in situations.

We find simple and powerful ways we can love ourselves that become part of our daily practice.

We introduce how powerful and practical ways to celebrate living, to date ourselves, the real way to be grateful that supports us, and to move away from ‘Have To’s’ and make ‘Choose To’s’.


About the module creator:


Mel Ryan 

Mel helps people see things differently. When you look at something and you can answer why, you can then understand it. When you understand why, then you see this situation in a new light. You start to get your power back. When you have your power, your life begins to make sense. You get to choose what happens next in your life, instead of life happening to you.

Click here to learn more about Mel. 


Here’s an overview of the course structure.

How long does it take to complete and integrate?

We find that it takes between 3 and 15 hours to complete a module spread over a number of weeks or months.

This allows time to integrate and apply your learnings.

How do Upskill courses run?

After your order is complete, you get an email giving you access to the course on our community platform.

If you already have a login to our community platform, make sure you use that login email address at checkout.


The course is split into modules with videos from Mel at the start of each section.

Throughout the learning segments, we intertwine well-being and reflection practices.

This helps you not only gain topic knowledge but also to grow personally, reducing feelings of overwhelm.

As you progress through each module in the course, you tick off what you have completed so that you don’t forget where you were.

Additional benefits.

  • Get access for the life of the course so you can take the time you need
  • Get the skills you need without having to commit to high-cost programs, saving you money and time.
  • Learn from a true subject matter expert with lived experience of their body of work.
  • If desired the ability to connect with peers and Mel and share your thoughts to help to grow and deepen your understanding of the course.

Course Overview

  • Introduction
  • What does my current relationship with self, look like? 
  • Changing the voice? 
  • I give myself permission 
  • Conclusion


Photo of Mel Ryan

Mel Ryan

Mel helps people see things differently. When you look at something and you can answer why, you can then understand it. When you understand why, then you see this situation in a new light. You start to get your power back. When you have your power, your life begins to make sense. You get to choose what happens next.

Mel has worked with people for 23 years helping them listen to themselves their whys, and to why their soul is here, and what they are trying to learn. Mel has an incredibly unique way of working which individuals to awaken them to the quest of who they truly are, and why they came to this Earth. Mel challenges the limiting Earth rules and expectations and invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest soul potential.

Mel connects people with their inner voice. Mel reminds everyone that each of us are here to listen to and understand themselves. That we can only find our true selves when we stop listening to other people’s rules, and living to please others, and we truly know how to listen to our spark, our buzz, the direction our souls are leading us.

Mel’s enthusiasm is contagious. Through her amazing ability to help us see clarity and insight into our lives, she invites us to live from a new perspective. Where we are whole, authentic, and unapologetic. Where we stay full of self-love, self-awareness and are able to choose what happens next in our lives instead of just emotionally reacting. We live from place of peace. Where we let our souls be part of our journey on Earth.


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